We are are a propaganda rag — tacitly confesses the New York Times

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04 April 2023



Here is a fully representative . . .


. . . New York Times headline and paragraph — in the form that they were emailed to me by the Times:



Finland Deals a Blow to Putin as It Enters NATO


The Nordic country officially became NATO’s 31st member today, expanding the alliance in a strategic setback for President Vladimir Putin of Russia.



Not a word . . .


. . . in those Times-emailed extracts about how this provocatively dumb NATO move just escalates the risk for nuclear war. That being so, as the Idiot West continues encroaching upon the Russian Federation's historically legitimate national security concerns.


You can imagine (for example) how the United States would react, if Canada joined an alliance with China. And then foreseeably permitted the People's Republic to put nuclear weapons, aimed at the United States, on Canadian soil.



The moral? — New York Times is owned, written, edited and produced by . . .


. . . warmongering Satanists. In at least the metaphorical sense.


What was once a reasonably respectable newspaper is now a CIA-Deep State propaganda rag.


In consequence, if one — slyly meaning, of course, you — reads and believes the New York Times' constant stream of lies and distorting manipulations, then that 'one-you' person becomes yet another brainwashed Oligarchy-owned and directed puppet.


From the Times' perspective, We the People exist solely to support:



the American military industrial complex


the fascist corporatist government that it bribes and controls




the national Death Culture that both systems intentionally instigate . . .



. . . so as to fuel their plunder-aimed domestic and international pillaging.


Stupidity, mindless belligerence, and vapidity-based unawareness are humanity's arguably best concealed, deadliest enemies.


For raw survival's sake, we should habitually check ourselves for these blood and soul-draining mental and spiritual fleas.


If we do not, justly delivered extinction or extermination become the probable result.


Is that karma in operation, or evolution?


Is there, one — perhaps not so idly — wonders, a difference?