Two news blurbs — definitively illustrate that — the United States is in the throes of terminal brain rot

© 2023 Peter Free


17 June 2023



First illustrating story


From Common Dreams:



On the eve of a Philadelphia rally hosted by labor leaders, the AFL-CIO and 17 unions on Friday endorsed Democratic U.S. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for reelection in 2024.


© 2023 Jessica Corbett, In 'Unprecedented Show of Solidarity,' Major Labor Unions Endorse Biden for 2024, Common Dreams (16 June 2023)



American labor, we can deduce, is in favor of the Great American Warfare State.


Which, in turn, is rabidly in favor of starting World War 3.


And further, is led by a literally brain-mushed, Deep State sock puppet president. Whom Americans voluntarily voted for.



Second illustrating story


On the anti-Labor (Republican party) side of things, comes the following gem of brilliantly generated societal calculus.


Also from Common Dreams:



Texas Republicans this week completed their demolition of local democracy in the state when Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill that drastically limits the ability of cities and counties to enact progressive policies.


House Bill 2127, pushed by corporate lobbyists and signed into law on Wednesday, prohibits municipalities from adopting and enforcing new local ordinances that contradict what's permitted under nine broad areas of the Texas state code.


The new law doesn't just prevent localities from implementing fresh regulations; it even overturns existing measures that exceed state rules governing agriculture, business and commerce, finance, insurance, labor, local government, natural resources, occupations, and property.


© 2023 Kenny Stancil, Republicans Just Annihilated Local Democracy in Texas, Common Dreams (16 June 2023)



In short, let the nation unite in abolishing all impediments to human and natural world enslavement.



Together . . .


These two bits of news indicate the complete absence of thinking, morality — and even basic good will — in American politics.


Instead, our alleged 'culture' all about reflexively empty-skulled tribal shouting and mindless weapons-brandishing.



Of the generally blanket quality . . .


. . . of these forms of abysmally self-destructive human stupidity, Caitlin Johnstone wrote (yesterday) that:



By continually hammering our minds with simple repeated messaging about the nature of the world we live in, propagandists are able to exploit glitches in human cognition like the illusory truth effect, which causes our minds to mistake the experience of having heard something before with the experience of having heard something that is true.


Our worldview is formed when we are young in the interests of our rulers, and from there cognitive biases take over which protect and reinforce that worldview, typically preserving them in more or less the same form for the rest of our lives.


If you can consistently and forcefully indoctrinate someone from an early age and then give them a mainstream ideological “tribe” with which to identify in their indoctrination, the cognitive glitches in these newly-evolved brains of ours act as sentries which protect those worldviews you implanted.


Which is exactly what modern propaganda, and our modern political systems, are set up to do.


© 2023 Caitlin Johnstone, Why Propaganda Works, (16 June 2023)



The moral? — It is easier to suck life-blood from America's serf classes . . .


. . . when our parasitic Elites divide us into anti-observant, tribally competing factions.


We are intentionally propagandized into missing core phenomenological points to virtually everything that goes on.


One cannot very well survive in a Reality-based world, when one is molded into exhibiting pronounced preferences for believing nonsense.


And so, off to Perdition, we go.


We the Deluded are, arguably — given our mental sloth — fully worthy of the dementia-laden, Deep State-puppetized current president.


As well as worthy of his toddler-like, tantrum-throwing, hollowly bombastic and exceedingly lazy predecessor.


We deserve what we get.


Both now and into the future, I suspect.


Alas and alack. Had saber-toothed cats and dire wolves not gone extinct — none of this would (at least metaphorically) have happened.