Two lying twerps — typify the Collective West's mental and moral rot

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19 June 2024



Two news snippets caught my attention


Both illustrate the Collective West's psychotic divorce from Reality.



First snippet


Below is the twerpishly belligerent Norwegian warmonger — and morally reprehensible NATO head — Jens Stoltenberg obliterating all semblances of sane Reality perception:



Last year, Russia imported 90 percent of its microelectronics from China, used to produce missiles, tanks, and aircraft. China is also working to provide Russia with improved satellite capability and imagery.


All of this enables Moscow to inflict more death and destruction on Ukraine, bolster Russia’s defence industrial base, and evade the impact of sanctions and export controls.


Publicly, President Xi has tried to create the impression that he is taking a back seat in this conflict.  To avoid sanctions and keep trade flowing. But the reality is that China is fueling the largest armed conflict in Europe since World War Two. And at the same time, it wants to maintain good relations with the West.


Well, Beijing cannot have it both ways. At some point – and unless China changes course – Allies need to impose a cost.


Russia is receiving support from others too. North Korea has delivered over 1 million artillery shells. And Iran has delivered thousands of deadly Shahed drones. In exchange, Pyongyang and Tehran are receiving Russian technology and supplies to help them advance their missile and nuclear capabilities.


The growing alignment between Russia and its authoritarian friends in Asia makes it even more important that we work closely with our friends in the Indo-Pacific.


© 2024 North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Speech by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the Wilson Center Auditorium followed by Q&A, (17 June 2024)



In other words, NATO's initiation of the Ukraine war — and its unceasing massive supply of weapons and oodles of taxpayers' money to Nazi Ukraine — have had nothing to do with the instigation and continuation of the war.


It is, instead, all "authoritarian" Russia, China, North Korea and Iran's fault. (As if the West has not itself, also evolved into Political Class-parasitized autocracies.)



Second snippet


Below is US White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre trying to pretend that videos depicting President Biden as experiencing visible effects of dementia are false:



“Yeah, we — and I think you all have called this the “cheap fakes” video. And that’s exactly what they are. They are cheap fakes video. They are done in bad faith.


"And — and some of your news organisation have — have been very clear, have stressed that these right-wing — the right-wing critics of the President have a credibility problem because of — the fact checkers have repeatedly caught them pushing misinformation, disinformation,” said Jean-Pierre in a press briefing.


[T]he term “cheap fake” refers to manipulated audiovisual (AV) content created using inexpensive and accessible software.


Unlike deepfakes, which use advanced AI and machine learning, cheap fakes are manually edited, often involving simple techniques like slowing down or speeding up videos, cropping parts, or clipping segments.


© 2024 FP Explainers, Biden is a victim of ‘cheap fakes’, says White House: What are they?, Firstpost (19 June 2024)



According to the (perennially nitwitted) Jean-Pierre, everything we have seen over the course of Biden's puppet presidency have been "right-wing" critics' malicious attempts to smear him.


In Democratic Party logic, this similar to how the 06 January 2020 Capitol Riot became a treasonous insurrection — worthy of years of imprisonment — rather than the misdemeanor-level mob trespass that it actually was (in the main).



The moral? — If we surrender our eyes and minds to these Manipulatively Lying Cretins . . .


. . . we will deserve everything that happens to us afterward.