Those in American power agree that killing off our Anglo-Saxon legal heritage is a great idea — Paul Craig Roberts' timely observations

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02 October 2023



Societal suicide is so much fun!


Paul Craig Roberts made some critically important observations, as to why the framework of our Anglo-Saxon heritage's legal protections have crumbled away.


Below excerpted — with my italicized emphases added:



In 1940 [US Supreme Court justice] Jackson said that unethical prosecutors are a threat to justice because of the danger that the prosecutor:


“will pick people that he thinks he should get, rather than pick cases that need to be prosecuted. . . .


"It is in this realm–in which the prosecutor picks some person whom he dislikes or desires to embarrass, or selects some group of unpopular persons and then looks for an offense, that the greatest danger of abuse of prosecuting power lies.


 'It is here that law enforcement becomes personal, and the real crime becomes that of being unpopular with the predominant or governing group, being attached to the wrong political view, or being personally obnoxious, or in the way of the prosecutor himself."


[By way of modern example:]


 “[L]aw and order conservatives” enabled government to set aside protective aspects of law in order to easier and more certainly convict the Mafia, drug users, child abusers – whoever the target was at the specific time.


I said that the law that is set aside in the interest of easier conviction is also set aside for the rest of us who are not Mafia, drug and child abusers, and that this conversion of law into a weapon would destroy nine centuries of Anglo-Saxon accomplishment in shielding people from arbitrary prosecution by rulers.


Today try to find in the US a prosecutor as defined by [Justice] Sutherland and [Justice] Jackson.


Try to find a prosecutor who has any interest in justice. They are only interested in coerced plea bargains in order to build their conviction rate and run for higher office on their name recognition.


If you dare to go to trial, exculpatory evidence is withheld and prosecutors bribe witnesses to testify against you.


Try to find an honest prosecutor or judge prosecuting Trump supporters and sentencing them to tens of years of imprisonment for attending a political rally.


Unarmed people conducted by police on a tour inside the capital, as the videos released by the House Speaker show, are tried as “insurrectionists” attempting to overthrow the government and establish a “Trump coup.”


The use of law as a weapon by the Biden Regime has sent 1,000 American patriots to prison on this false charge.


Law schools don’t protest, Bar Associations don’t protest. The judiciary aids the false convictions. The Congress does nothing. The media eggs on the false prosecutions.


© 2023 Paul Craig Roberts, The Western World Is Now a Tyranny, Unz Review (01 October 2023)



This is, indeed, state of America culture, today


The problem Roberts highlights has been further magnified by The Grand Plutocracy's attempts to muzzle Truth — conveniently and deceptively labeled as "misinformation" — for good measure.


Thereby, giving oligarchy's Imprisoning Inquisitors the alleged 'right' (and means) to operationally lock up dissent and opposition.



The moral? — American tyranny is everywhere, now


Do you see what happens, when a society loses moral and intellectual objectivity, as well as foresight?


This is a fate brought on by unworthiness. We are unworthy, in the mass majority, of Liberty.


Easily corralled and herded by manipulating our sheepy natures, lack of thoughtful foresight and childish belligerences.


Being fleeced and slaughtered is, one rationally concludes, inherent in our (usually) weak-brained and (mostly) cowardly-passive natures.


A pity for the once hopeful tides of 1776 and 1789.