They know us so well — China's take on the United States' attack on TikTok

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19 March 2023



Neocons are strangling the American future . . .


. . . just so that we can act like nauseating Adam Henrys today.


Shortsightedness kills.



With the US -favoring global economic system beginning to collapse . . .


. . . courtesy of America's aggressively displayed anti-Russia, anti-China sanctions — US neocons are trying to bring China's TikTok down — in still another display of our nation's destruction-oriented character.


From China's Global Times:



The Biden administration has threatened to ban TikTok if its Chinese owners don't divest their stakes in the popular video app, Reuters reported on Wednesday.


Even though TikTok has tried its best and done almost everything possible within the technical range in response to the so-called national security concerns, it remains helpless in the face of Washington's economic vandalism.


The message is clear: if Washington cannot see TikTok ending up in an American hand, it will shut it down.


Judging by the various bans and legislation involving TikTok that US politicians have been working on, it is not impossible for the worst to happen.


Yet, the Emperor's New Clothes surrounding national security concerns cannot hide US politicians' selfish and hooligan nature.


The US claims that TikTok threatens to undermine US national security, but there is no evidence at all supporting the killing or robbery of such a globally successful app on national security grounds.


The fact that Washington can suppress and even rob TikTok without justification and only because it is owned by a Chinese company is the latest manifestation that in order to maintain the US hegemony, Washington can make any rogue behavior that is against the law and business rules.


This could serve as a wake-up call to companies around the world about the political risks of doing business in the US.


If they are successful enough to pose a real challenge to American business titans, a rogue government in Washington will start finding fault with them.


© 2023 Global Times, US’ hooligan nature laid bare in forced divesting of TikTok, (16 March 2023)



Exactly so


In short, because the United States:



is (a) too impotent


having voluntarily self-castrated its own manufacturing and once genuinely productive economic foundations


to (b) compete with China today on 'real' economic grounds


it (c) seeks triumph by spawning a global flood of Super Toddler-like destruction of everything that we, or anyone else, has built.



The moral? — Good luck with that, 'Muhrika


US government is just lowering the poverty level to which the rest of the world's revulsion and rejection will plunge our future (and by then, isolated) economic wellbeing.


Why would anyone invest in, or trust, a nation that steals (or kills) everything that it can get its hands on?


This culturally self-strangling outcome is what happens, when propagandized national publics lazily turn societal power over to self-interested, brainwash-spewing oligarchs.


We will arguably deserve what we get. And eventually, we will be looking enviously at far more productive — perhaps freer — cultures in the East and South.


People, like us, who aggressively lack foresight — drive themselves, head-on, into rock walls.


Aggressive stupidity, rabid paranoia and rampaging fears are not foundations for Happy Survival.