Special Counsel John Durham's report — and US corruption

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16 May 2023



Big picture — regarding the Durham Report


Special Counsel John Durham leaves the national stage, leaving behind him a lot of written pages about Russiagate's concocted lies. And how they sprung into being with our corrupted FBI's eager assistance.



Durham's document is indicatively . . .


. . . being dumped upon us, without a trace of anything remotely significant having been done via accountability-imposing prosecution of the culprit people involved — or the corrupt American institutions that spawned or assisted them.


We can conclude from such a pathetic societal denouement that, in the United States, it is societally acceptable for leadership to be morally loathsome and institutionally corrupt.



An established pattern, by now


Even when everyone discovers — again and again — America's head slimeballs' repeatedly perfidy-oozing trails — we do nothing organizationally effective to change the United States' overarching pattern of societal decomposition.



The conceptually necessary Social Contract . . .


. . . has been obliterated.


And we, lassitude-enraptured sheep included, are stomping its dismembered, blood-drained carcass.



The moral? — Praise slime!


So reads the United States' de facto national motto. The Durham Report will change nothing.


We are, it appears, destined to expire among the fluids of avarice-based putrefaction.