So belligerently Nazi-stupid, that they keep asking to be exterminated

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07 September 2023



In the long run


There is probably no hope for the human species.


Consider the following BBC pro-Ukraine propaganda:



BBC News, Ukraine war deaths climb dramatically, US officials say, YouTube (29 August 2023)



The cited video takes us to a military graveyard near Lviv


Hundreds of Ukraine soldiers are buried there. An addition to the cemetery is in the works.


BBC says that the United States counts Ukrainian dead at 70,000.



The real figure, estimated by people familiar with peer-to-peer war and who have access to satellite photographs and quasi-intelligence data, put Ukraine's killed in action at 400,000 to 450,000 or more.



Two women are interviewed.



One is a mortuary technician. Her husband is one of the dead that arrived at her mortuary to be prepared for burial.


Another is a graveyard visitor. Her husband is also buried there.



The mortuary wife says she will continue in her sadly overwhelming work as a duty to Ukraine.


And the graveyard visitor joins the Ukrainian Army because she had made a pact with her husband to do so.



The BBC interprets both of these women's actions . . .


. . . as revealing a determined national will to keep Ukraine "free".



Let's look at the reality . . .


. . . rather than at the BBC's obtusely reality-denying neocon spin.


Ukraine is an artificial construct. It includes expanses that had not been Ukrainian for hundreds of years.


In 2014, in this somewhat faked homeland, the US assisted Ukrainian Nazis in overthrowing Ukraine's democratically elected, pro-Russian president.


The new Nazi regime then immediately began killing Russian-heritage Ukrainians in eastern Ukraine. 14,000 of Russian-blooded Ukrainians perished.


In 2022, eager for still more slaughter, Ukraine's totalitarian regime — also the most corrupt in Europe— massed a Ukrainian army not far from the Russian border. With the intention of finishing the quasi-genocide that Ukraine had begun in the Donbass in 2014.


Russia then intervened. Which is where we are now. What with NATO and the United States happily funding, arming and militarily assisting the Ukrainians with their Nazi-emoting, quasi-genocidal, anti-Russian actions.



So, do tell me . . .


What is this 'freedom' that the BBC is crediting the two widows with trying to save?


Is it the freedom to be led by neo-Nazis and to slaughter-butcher Russians — in a completely unnecessary and easily avoidable war that Ukraine, NATO and the United States provoked — as a matter of geopolitically pointless, death-worshipping, corporatist profits-based policy?


Is such an institutionalized form of butchery-by-proxy somehow noble?


Or is it, when more realistically evaluated, an indication of just how malevolently nasty, murderous — and definitively self-destructively stupid — some societal populations are?



'Kill us — because, if you don't — we'll kill all of you just for psychotic fun.'



The moral? — One cannot reason with Nazis, neocons and jingoistic mush-heads


Russia, fully familiar with Nazi depredations during the Second World War, has reached this conclusion.


And, when objectively examined, exterminating slaughter-instigating nihilists — like the Ukrainians, NATOists and American neocons — is probably one of the 'better' Darwinian gene-culling things for a species to do, in cleaning up its most viciously inclined, anti-human pollutants.


In this 'Ukrainians yearning to be exterminated' parable — lies Inchoate History's warning for the similarly acting American population.                 


It may not be long, before some other nation (with stout self-defensive sense) decides that getting rid of our bloodbath-worshipping herd of neocon demons would be a good idea.


If that occurs, most of the rest of the world will not miss our chaos-creating ways.