Should we start World War 3 with an idiot class of US generals like these?

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23 September 2023



There are, apparently, no American general officers . . .


. . . active duty or retired, who have said anything fundamentally accurate or geopolitically insightful about the war that the United States instigated in Ukraine.


With dopes like these in charge, how is the US going to survive the global conflict that it is now so fervently trying to light the match to?



For instance — Mark Milley


Recent Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Mark Milley, departed that gloriously high military office with the below-quoted, ridiculously inaccurate comment.


That absurd statement itself coming only after:



(a) Milley enthusiastically demonstrated the obligatory American penchant for absurdly vilifying the Russian Federation into appearing to be worse than Satan




(b) completely ignoring the fact that the United States' voracious NATO expansion had — on purpose and entirely predictably — existentially threatened Russian national security into self-defensively undertaking a 'special military operation' action to stop it.



General Milley slyly misrepresented easily observable facts:



And for Ukraine to militarily eject those 2 or 300,000 Russian troops that are still there, that's a tough fight.


They've liberated 54-plus percent of Ukraine but there's a lot left to go.


So this is a tough fight, a hard fight, and Ukraine is making slow, steady progress every single day towards the end state that has been defined by their President and supported by all of the other international partners.


So this fight is not yet over.


The fight right now is —still got plenty of fighting weather left.  And then as you get into the winter, the grounds will get muddy but then it'll freeze and there's still —you know, in the conversations I've had, there's no intention whatsoever by the Ukrainians to stop fighting during the winter.


They have the strategic initiative right now and they intend to continue to do that until their end state's achieved.


© U.S. Department of Defense, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark A. Milley Hold Press Conference Following Ukraine Defense Contact Group, Ramstein Air Base, Germany, (19 September 2023)





Ukraine has liberated zero strategically meaningful land from actual (as opposed to bluffing) Russian occupation.


It has not even managed to approach, much less breach, the closest (to the battle front) of at least three major Russian defensive lines.


Reasonable estimates put Ukraine military deaths at 400,000 to 500,000. With no able-bodied, trained replacements in sight.


Any mildly astute observer of military affairs recognizes that the Russian side is now far stronger than Ukraine's death-depleted ranks.


And further, that Russia is militarily and economically stronger, than when the Americans idiotically started this fight.


A fact, which itself, goes to demonstrate the lack of even marginal (high ranking) mental and military talent on the American Imperium's side.



In short, the US Biden administration has managed to outdo . . .


. . . in its scope of unproductive malevolence, George W. Bush's geopolitical catastrophe in Iraq.


It is likely that historians will look back on the Biden era as having — via one asinine geopolitical and economic move after another — self-initiated the United States' astonishingly rapid plummet away from world domination.



Equally mentally absent — retired Ben Hodges


The former, and indicatively clueless, 3 star said that:



The Kremlin . . . knows that they are losing this war.


Ukraine has the initiative.


Just a few hours ago, missiles were impacting in the Russian navy base in Sevastopol, again.


That's only going to get worse for the Russian side.


So, the only [Russian] hope is to drag this out, hope that we get tired, and hope that Donald Trump is reelected as president.


That's their only hope.


© 2023 [DW News via] Larry Johnson, General Hodges Talks Ukraine, YouTube (quote beginning at 5:32 minutes into the video)



Categorizing Hodges' synopsis as wishful thinking would be generous.



The point


When generals cannot perceive reality — or they lie about it to the people who are doing, or potentially doing, the dying — they do no one (who is humanly worthy) any favors.


The entirety of the American general officer staff has been promoted to obsequiously do the American Warfare Complex's business.


These highest ranking military general officers are chosen for their ability to deliver Satan's work with geniusly lying gravitas.


Competent independence of mind — and certainly of heart — they do not have.



The moral? — With an a mentally and morally incompetent leadership crew . . .


. . . like this American one in charge, why would anyone rational want to hazard civilization's continuance upon provoking an obviously unnecessary global war?