Secretary of State Blinken psycho-projected the United States' own record of destruction onto Russia's Wagner military group

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09 August 2023



From the mouth a lying worm


One of America's emblematically malevolent top level neocons spoke to the BBC:



Russia's Wagner mercenary group is "taking advantage" of instability in Niger, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has told the BBC.


The country has been ruled by a junta following the ousting of President Mohamed Bazoum nearly two weeks ago.


There have been suggestions the coup leaders have asked for help from Wagner, which is known to be present in neighbouring Mali.


Mr Blinken said he did not think Russia or Wagner instigated Niger's coup.


However the US was worried about the group "possibly manifesting itself" in parts of the Sahel region, he told the BBC's Focus on Africa programme


"I think what happened, and what continues to happen in Niger was not instigated by Russia or by Wagner, but... they tried to take advantage of it.


"Every single place that this Wagner group has gone, death, destruction and exploitation have followed," said Mr Blinken.


"Insecurity has gone up, not down".


He added that there was a "repeat of what's happened in other countries, where they brought nothing but bad things in their wake".


© 2023 Kathryn Armstrong, Niger coup: Wagner taking advantage of instability - Antony Blinken, BBC (08 August 2023)



Blinken self-conveniently hypocritically ignored . . .


. . . the United States' recent history, including:



the Vietnam War,


our repeated deadly meddling in South and Central America and Africa


and decades-long blanket destruction(s) of Middle Eastern stability —


as well as (most recently) our instigation and continued fueling of the Ukraine War, which itself has claimed at least 350,000 Ukrainian military lives —


and to which we can now add the United States' continual attempts to provoke China into militarily having to save itself from American encirclement and blanket harassment.



As a matter of indisputable historical record . . .


. . . the United States has been, by far, the most war-instigating nation on this planet.


Wherever we go, destruction, chaos and pillaging — for their own sakes and as a matter of American policy — follow.



Yet . . .


. . . here is the United States' perennially evil-mongering Secretary of State flapping his lie-drooling lips about Russia, in a transparent effort to stir up still more conflict.



The moral? — When the US speaks . . .


. . . metaphorical Satan is pulling its neocon-neoliberal strings.


Jacob Howland's competently crafted cultural observations about the United States are pertinent:



In the run-up to the 2024 elections, Donald Trump stars as the persecuted saviour, and Joe Biden the righteous defender, of the American republic.


Never mind that Trump is self-absorbed and impulsive to the point of criminal stupidity, that Biden is senile and evidently corrupt, and that both of these braying, boorish old men are fraudsters and fabulists.


These vices do not matter to their furious followers, who love their man precisely because he is not the hated other.


And above the wretched spectacle sit a click-hungry media, feeding on riot and picking favourites like vulturous pagan gods.


The problem goes well beyond presidential dementia.


The US Senate . . . looks more like the waiting room of a geriatric neurologist than a council of wise elders.


The zombification of the Capitol . . . is merely a symptom of the underlying disease.


[O]ur public schools have largely ceased to transmit the accumulated knowledge and civilisational wisdom of the past . . . .


A taste for historical repudiation has taken hold across the culture, leading curators to “contextualise” art, city governments to take down statues, colleges to rename buildings, and publishers to censor or rewrite books.


We have become charging-stations for our smartphones, which drain psychic energy with insistent distractions and overloads of information-babble.


Video calls and work-from-home limit in-person interactions with actual existing individuals . . . .


Targeted advertising, fine-tuned algorithms, and politically stratified social media sharply decrease our exposure to new ideas.


We are immuring ourselves within our own private caves, watching flickering images in darkness.


Cultural exhaustion, social withdrawal, and the general enfeeblement of life forces are the practical expression of a will to nothing.


There is a name for this spiritual and intellectual condition, and it is nihilism.


© 2023 Jacob Howland, America is now a zombie state, Unherd (08 August 2023)



Ergo, our essentially soul-lacking culture's fondness for initiating and exacerbating endless swaths of violent chaos and societal obliteration, wherever we can reach.


All the while blaming other people for the descent into the hell that American leadership creates at every opportunity.