Rise to arms — ye Manicheans!?

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06 December 2023



A slaughtering frame of soul?


I'm on the same despairing page that Paul Craig Roberts is:



All civilization has disintegrated, not just Western civilization.


This fact is obvious from the entire world sitting watching, perhaps as entertainment as Romans watched death in the Colosseum, the Genocide of Gaza.


The “moral democratic” US government rushes more bombs and money to enable Israel’s genocide of Palestine.


European governments call the genocide “Israel’s right of self-defense.” Christian Zionists justify genocide in Christ’s name. In Europe, those whose moral conscience drives them to protest are arrested. In “free and democratic” UK waving a Palestinian flag is cause for arrest.


The Muslim world does nothing, displaying its total impotence and lack of self-respect.


And the Russians and Chinese sit there and allow the US and Israel to remake the Middle East in their interest, a development that will increase the power of evil.


For those of us mindful of the achievements of Western Civilization, as well as its blemishes and crimes, to experience the complete evaporation of moral consciousness in the Western world is devastating.


The West is not merely permitting this to happen, the West is openly participating in the evil. For evil is what it is.


The Israeli Jews portray themselves as victims as they destroy the lives of others. The Israeli Jews who complain of suffering a Holocaust are now conducting one.


Things have been turned upside down. Evil is Good, and Good is Evil.


Moral conscience has departed the world.


© 2023 Paul Craig Roberts, Civilization Has Disintegrated, paulcraigroberts.org (06 December 2023)



The moral? — Rise to arms, ye Manicheans!?


Shall a new Crusade begin?


Slaughter the enslaving slaughterers?


I can think of arguably worse things. Such as what is going on right now.


Curious — how arguable rectitude, ambiguity and the slippery slope work.


What's especially notable is that the butchery in Gaza could have been — and could still be — immediately stopped by (qualitatively 'peacefully') cutting off Israel's fuel, trade and arms supplies.


That those enabling instruments of slaughter still flow uninterrupted — means that World Establishment treasures mass death because it brings lucre with it.


Satan strides happy.


Perhaps Manichaeism is not entirely wrong.


Oh my.