Reportedly coke-snorting Nazi weasel, Zelensky — will participate at the G7 conference — demonstrating again just how lunatic the West has become

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20 May 2023



From CNN — one of many US Deep State media propagandists


Comes this news:



Volodymyr Zelensky will travel in person to Japan for the Group of Seven (G7) summit, according to officials familiar with the planning, a stark display of confidence and Western solidarity as Ukraine’s wartime leader tries to keep crucial support from allied nations flowing.


The surprise trip – which would be the Ukrainian president’s first to Asia since Moscow’s invasion of his country last February – comes as Kyiv is preparing a highly anticipated counteroffensive against Russia and building pressure on partner governments for more military aid amid intensifying aerial attacks.


And it also illustrates how Moscow’s onslaught against its neighbor has unleashed repercussions far beyond Europe’s borders in Asia, where Western-allied democracies are increasingly rattled by the growing authoritarian assertiveness of both Russia and China.


The war already tops the agenda of the three-day G7 summit, where leaders from the world’s wealthiest democracies are expected to make a strong statement of unity in support of Ukraine and unveil new measures to choke off Russia’s ability to fund and supply its war.


“The key to Zelensky’s visit is not his coming to see the G7 – he already has their full support. The key is seeing in person the governments who have been invited the summit as participants this year – India, Indonesia, Brazil, and more,” said Josh Lipsky, the senior director of the Atlantic Council’s GeoEconomics Center.


© 2023 Simone McCarthy, Ukraine’s Zelensky caps frenetic week of diplomacy with plans to appear in person at Japan’s G7 summit, CNN (19 May 2923)



In other words


In addition to the Ukro-Nazi-loving United States — the G7's meeting with Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and United Kingdom — will try to suck other (not yet murderously nuts) nations into the West's rapidly decomposing orbit.



Contrary to facts on the ground . . .


. . . but according to the Imperial United States' constant stream of neocon lies, Russia started all this.


We are supposed to believe that the United States' military encroachment — and active placement of Europe-sited nuclear weapons — as well as the US supported massing a neo-Nazi Ukrainian army (in early 2022) near the Russian border — a Nazi-directed Ukrainian grouping that had already killed 14,000 Russian heritage people in the Donbass — had nothing to do with Russia's self-defensive invasion.


Furthermore, according to these same American neocon war weasels, China is outrageously aggressive.


China has been (according to them) intolerably resistant to allowing the US to flaunt its control of the Chinese mainland's surrounding seas.


And the People's Republic has (good Lord forbid) already put one naval base in Africa.


Thereby, allegedly (for sure!) posing a deadly threat to our own 800-850 (and more) bases and troop deposits around the world.


All of those US imperial outposts having been forcibly — whether via military or economic means — installed in other people's back yards.



No one in our Imperial Bailiwick . . .


. . . bothers to think about how we Americans would react to Russian and Chinese arms and troops inserted into — by way of conceptually parallel instance — Canada, Mexico and Central America.


Imagining ourselves in other people's existential contexts is something Americans — and other typically sanctimonious Euro-Westerners — seem to be genetically incapable of doing.



And thus, with all the above as givens . . .


The excruciatingly insufferable:



acting script-driven


reportedly and visibly coke-sniffing


always puke-worthy


neo-Nazi murder don


thoroughly corrupt American puppet boy,


Volodymyr Zelensky


will attend the G7 —


so as to fly Ukro-Nazism's flag still higher on the global stage.



And while there, Zelensky will assuredly suck still more of Western Humanity's taxpayer money into the Maelstrom of Death and Military Industrial Complex Corruption that he and his American sponsors started — as a matter of US policy — in Ukraine.


The G7 is also hoping (morally unbelievably) to spread the existing, US-provoked swath of Ukraine-located slaughter into China.



The moral? — When are the West's publics . . .


. . . going to wrest control of their minds and souls back from metaphorical Hell's control?


When does maniacal absurdity — of the above blatantly exhibited slaughtering levels — become too much for ordinary folk to tolerate?


Does anyone on this Western side of the planet's hemispheric divide have any moral spine at all?