Psychotic warmonger, anti-logician and super liar — Senator Lindsey Graham — creatively said that renewed funding of (Nazi) Ukraine will save Taiwan (from something)

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03 October 2023



One of America's most belligerently murder-mongering Super Cretins . . .


. . . Senator Lindsey Graham told Face the Nation that:



We spent less than 5% of our military budget 50% of the Russian army has been destroyed by the Ukrainians.


They would be at Crimea already. If you the administration hadn't been so slow and given weapons,


If we pull the plug on Ukraine, that's 10 times worse than Afghanistan. There goes Taiwan.


To stop funding Ukraine is a death sentence for Taiwan. Putin will keep going.


You missed all of World War II if you don't know how this movie ends. To the Republicans who say, Ukraine doesn't matter to us, you're wrong. Respectfully, you're wrong.


The war gets bigger, not smaller. There goes Taiwan.


If Ukraine can beat Russia, China's less likely to invade Taiwan and Putin gets stopped.


© 2023 Face the Nation, Transcript: Sen. Lindsey Graham on "Face the Nation," Oct. 1, 2023, cbsnews (01 October 2023)



Falling dominoes, again


American leadership's favorite, but historically disproven, theory of creeping international menaces.



Senator Graham's non-existent grasp of reality . . .


. . . is proven with his comment that half the Russian army has magically vanished into (apparently invisible, harmless) smithereens.


Good job, y'all proxied to death — roughly 500,000 — Ukie Nazi-led troops.


Sacrificed on Mars' (god of war) altar for the profitable good of the American military industrial complex.



The moral? — Slaver me a World War 3! . . .


. . . is 'Pit of Hell' Graham's persistent call to demonic action.


If that murder-monger actually had discoverable courage and even a minute sense of moral duty — he might personally try carrying the flag into the combats that he tries to start and continue.


But being a typical neocon (of course) means that such a display of living one's words is never going to happen.


Which goes to show, just how much respect and following these pukeably loathsome creatures deserve.