Pseudonym 'Gaius Baltar' — writing at Larry Johnson's sonar21 dot com blog — explained the cultural mechanisms underlying the Collective West's suicide

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04 August 2023



Worth a read


I suspect that anyone — who is smart, objectively minded and no longer young — can attest to truth of the observations incorporated into the following essay:



Gaius Baltar, Why is the West is so weak (and Russia so strong)? The role of human capital and western education, (04 August 2023)



The cultural mechanisms depicted in that essay explain how a society kills itself, without understanding why.



In short


We elevate unintelligent and/or un-objectively minded 'smart' people to positions of power.


Once in authority, the selected Irrationality Dopes foster more of the same, so as to further populate and control the Power Complex. Which, in turn, then vigorously discriminates against people, who display the comparatively rare combination of smarts and rationally based objectivity in the same person.


From a Darwinian perspective, we choose the least capable and most blind among us to lead:



Modern western society is from a governance standpoint ideologically motivated and ideologically controlled. It is being pushed in a very clearly defined ideological direction, led by the European Union and the current US administration.


In order to achieve these ideological goals for the West, two things must happen: a) The right people must be put into power at all levels of society and b) any disruptive elements must be eliminated or suppressed.


Since all ideological goals tend to be more or less in conflict with reality, there is no group more disruptive to them than the one who operates objectively and independently.


People like that simply cannot be allowed into positions of power, and if they must be, they must be kept quiet and/or forced to toe the line.


The objective/rational/general competence group, whether it is 1.5% or 8% of the population, therefore becomes a problem rather than a resource.


This is exactly the situation in the West today.


© 2023 Gaius Baltar, Why is the West is so weak (and Russia so strong)? The role of human capital and western education, (04 August 2023)



Baltur follows those insights with a detailed explanation, as to how this upward winnowing of the biggest fools works in the institutionally mechanical sense.



He concludes that . . .


Here in excerpts:



The current clash between the West and Russia – and increasingly between the West and the rest of the world – is becoming a clash between the incompetent and irrational and the competent and rational.


By putting its societies on an ideological footing the western elite has backed itself into a corner.


They can’t compete; they can’t develop their economies or societies; and they can’t go back.


Fixing the problems of the West will require an economic revival, where a real economy will replace the current fake financialized service economy.


This cannot be done without putting the hated 1.5/8 [percent] group into positions of power.  Therefore, it will not be done as long as the current western ruling class is in power.


Western societies will not survive an economic revival in their current ideological configuration.


Conflict is therefore the only remaining option for the ruling class to hang on to power.


© 2023 Gaius Baltar, Why is the West is so weak (and Russia so strong)? The role of human capital and western education, (04 August 2023)



Ergo, the nuclear war that the United States keeps trying to start.



The moral? — In human adaptability's long run . . .


. . . your bets should probably be on the smart and objective people.


Meaning Russia and China.


Metaphorically speaking, the United States — by elevating Stupidity and Psychosis to positions of power — has, by choice, taken itself out of the Evolution Game.


Talk about self-selecting for being snuffed — due to a voluntarily chosen inability to adapt to circumstances in a capably rational fashion.