US ridiculousness continues — now we are pretending that a shuffling dementia patient in the White House — is mightily resisting being removed from office

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04 July 2024



Oh glorious US Independence Day . . .


What 2024 magnificence has the modern United States wrought?



Well . . .


There is the stirringly manufactured example of the dementia patient in the White House clinging to his Puppet President Role — while some in his own political party try to tear him away:



A defiant President Joe Biden vowed Wednesday to keep running for reelection, rejecting growing pressure from Democrats to withdraw after a disastrous debate performance raised questions about his readiness to keep campaigning, much less win in November.


“Let me say this as clearly as I possibly can as simply and straightforward as I can: I am running … no one’s pushing me out . . . . I’m not leaving. I’m in this race to the end and we’re going to win.”


Senior advisers say they believe the 81-year-old Biden may have mere days to mount a convincing display of his fitness for office before his party’s panic over his debate performance and anger about his response boils over, according to two people with knowledge who insisted on anonymity to more freely discuss strategy.


The president accepts the urgency of the task — having reviewed the polling and mountains of media coverage — but he is convinced he can do that in the coming days and insistent that he will not step out of the race, they said.


[T]here is a growing private frustration about the Biden campaign’s response to his disastrous debate performance at a crucial moment in the campaign — particularly in Biden waiting several days to do direct damage control with senior members of his own party.


© 2024 Seung Min Kim, Will Weissert and Farnoush Amiri, Biden vows to keep running as signs point to rapidly eroding support for him on Capitol Hill, AP (03 July 2024)



Imagine that . . .


. . . a dementia patient is purportedly tyrannizing the United States from 'Mount' White House.


Daily, we receive details regarding President Biden's adamant refusal to be carted away for the supposed good of the nation.


This shadow of man is purportedly holding off an entire nation of people — as well as its military — many of whom are demanding (at least) a Puppeted Figurehead who can both walk and talk.


That's US Independence Day, 2024.



What insights might we distill . . .


. . . from this genuinely monumental example of societal absurdity?


Interviewed by Nima Alkhorshid, Dimitry Orlov had the following to say about the American system of governance:



American presidents are never in power. They are in office.


His first briefing at the White House will be on the subject of what to do in order to avoid getting shot.


You don't touch the Pentagon's budget. You don't touch the Federal Reserve. You play carefully with Wall Street. And you do whatever Israel tells you to do. And those are the basics.


Most of what they'll say will be focus group tested to see what idiots like to hear, so that the next time it becomes necessary to make believe that the United States is a democracy the idiots will line up and do what's expected of them and not pull any surprises.


There really isn't any difference between US presidents . . . . except for the particularly divisive little issues like abortion. Which are contrived to be divisive to distract . . . .


Presidents don't do anything. They sign pieces of paper drafted by somebody else. They read words off of a piece of paper composed by somebody else.


The United States is not a democracy and it doesn't matter who is president.


That is a mantra worth repeating over and over and over again.


© 2024 Dialogue Works, Russia is Prepared for the Worst Coming from the West and Ukraine — Dmitry Orlov, YouTube (03 July 2024) (beginning at 21:44 minutes)



Exactly so


With demented Biden's example of refusing to exit (due to incapacity) being a prime example of something being having been "contrived to be divisive to distract".


If significant portions of the Mighty Oligarchy did not want the Vacant Skull in place, it would be gone. Imagine an errant pillow, for example.


No need for the searingly dramatic execution that removed the highly capable John F. Kennedy from his opposition to the imperial American military industrial complex.



The moral? — In the fascist United States . . .


. . . it is exclusively about oligarchical money, blood and power and the propaganda mind-control games that go with that.


The arguably more noble Liberty experiment of 1776-1789 America is long dead.