Neocon America's provocative ridiculousness — 200 US troops to Taiwan

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24 February 2023



Get a grip?


Now that the US started and lost the Ukraine War, it is starting (and will also lose) a war with China:



Washington is planning to send between 100 and 200 troops to Taiwan “in the coming months,” the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, citing anonymous officials.


The personnel will be tasked with training the Taiwanese military against what was described as a “rising threat from China.”


The deployment will more than quadruple the US military presence on the island, according to the Journal. According to the Pentagon’s Defense Manpower Data Center, there were 23 American soldiers in Taiwan as of autumn 2022.


These Americans have been acting as advisers and trainers for the US weapons and equipment sent to Taipei.


The new troops will also train the Taiwanese in tactics “to protect against a potential Chinese offensive,” according to unnamed US officials.


© 2023 RT, US ‘quadrupling’ number of troops in Taiwan – WSJ, (23 February 2023)



The above-referenced Wall Street Journal account . . .


. . . fits with the 4 star head of the United States' Air Mobility Command — Mike Minihan's — forecast of an anti-China war by 2025.


Observe that General Minihan's diplomatically reckless statement has not been rescinded.


We can infer that the Biden administration had its Dog of War preliminarily yap the administration's executive branch thinking and intent.



As for China's leadership


The announced US Taiwan deployment exactly corresponds to China's own evaluation of the history, intent, and methods of the United States' imperialistic policies. See:



Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China, US Hegemony and Its Perils, (February 2023)



The above-cited document is the most concisely accurate analysis of the American Imperial Way that I have read.


The paper is divided into five history-based sections:



I. Political Hegemony—Throwing Its Weight Around


II. Military Hegemony—Wanton Use of Force 


III. Economic Hegemony—Looting and Exploitation


IV. Technological Hegemony—Monopoly and Suppression


V. Cultural Hegemony—Spreading False Narratives



We can conclude that . . .


China has researched its self-destructively aggressive adversary right down to 'his' neocon pubes.


Notice the perfection of the published document's English. 'Them guys' know us better than we know ourselves.


Chinese leaders, unlike their US counterparts, take Sun Tzu's purported military wisdom seriously.



The moral? — A major war is coming — for nearly certain


Lots of people, across the Northern Hemisphere, will be butchered (in an unhappy variety of manners), so as to profit the American military industrial complex.


If the anticipated conflict goes nuclear — which it is likely to, in view of the United States' almost certain inability to defeat China with conventional forces and weapons — then the US military industrial complex will have obliterated itself.


An outcome which is roughly in keeping with the level of the military industrial complex's long-displayed lack of intelligence. Pun intended.


Such a disastrous strategic and humanity-harming result will constitute a historically sizeable end-evaluation of American leadership's inbred stupidity. As well as tacitly record a negative comment, regarding the easily propagandized nature of the United States' somnolent population of sacrificial lambs.


Republic-style purported American democracy. It's what's for dinner. Having been consumed by its own institutional infrastructure.


Such irony.


And such an arguably morally just outcome for a nation completely controlled by neocon-neoliberal, plundering murderers.



They killed so often and so many, that they wound up boomerang-executing themselves.



Do we see the incipient parable forming?