"Moral cowards" — and so, the American ship sinks — but maybe not before it blows up the world

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31 January 2023



Alas and alack — nuclear war looming


From Larry Johnson's blog, by Thomas Lipscomb:



[T]oday’s American military appears to be commanded by the most astounding assemblage of carefully selected moral cowards in our nation’s history.


© 2023 Larry Johnson, Phantoms of the eyewash: America herds NATO's paper tigers into oblivion by Thomas Lipscomb, sonar21.com (30 January 2023)



US military leadership's character flaws being as they are


Our bestarred fools continue to go along with the Biden administration's strategically maggot-minded provocations against Russia.


For instance, to the point of promising to provide Ukraine with Abrams tanks. Presumably, when those Abrams arrive, they will have to be crewed by NATO people. Because the Ukies, understandably, will not know how to operate or properly use such foreign-to-them systems.


Still more egregiously, the US has been providing Ukraine with US satellite-derived intelligence and anti-Russia targeting information. How that's not an overt act of war beats me.



Of America's suicidally minded idiocy


Paul Craig Roberts writes that:



Only incompetent, irresponsible, and totally stupid, indeed, totally evil, US and European governments would think their prestige in Ukraine justifies nuclear war.


Everyone needs to understand that once Washington followed by Russia changed their war doctrines from no first use of nuclear weapons to preemptive attack, nuclear weapons ceased to be a deterrent.


The doctrine of preemptive attack guarantees their use if there is a single false alarm.


The American war planners responsible for this change should be immediately arrested, tried for crimes against humanity, and the doctrine repudiated.


© 2023  Paul Craig Roberts, Expert Steven Starr Explains Why Nuclear War Is Planetary Death, YouTube (30 January 2023)



I agree.



As a reality check


Roberts links to the following Steven Starr video — because propagandized and poorly educated young and middle-aged Americans have no idea what a nuclear conflict will entail:



Schiller Institute, Nuclear War Is the Ultimate Crime against Humanity, YouTube (12 January 2023)



The nukes exploding part, where masses of us are vaporized, crispy-critter-burned — and cannot grow food for three years — starts at 13:40 minutes.


Notice that Professor Starr does not even need to reference radiation's additionally unhappy effects.



The moral? — These days, the United States aggressively stands for . . .


. . . moral and intellectual cluelessness.


I am still waiting to see our purported cultural Greatness emerge. Hopefully, sometime before we instigate the end of the world, as most of us know it.