Missing the main point — a Pentagon-funded study says that dementia-laden American leadership poses a national security threat

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14 September 2023



Is it only when the trillion-dollar spending Pentagon points something out . . .


. . . that anyone pays attention?


For instance, from The Intercept:



As the national security workforce ages, dementia impacting U.S. officials poses a threat to national security, according to a first-of-its-kind study by a Pentagon-funded think tank.


The report, released this spring, came as several prominent U.S. officials trusted with some of the nation’s most highly classified intelligence experienced public lapses, stoking calls for resignations and debate about Washington’s aging leadership.


The study, published by the RAND Corporation’s National Security Research Division in April, identifies individuals with both current and former access to classified material who develop dementia as threats to national security, citing the possibility that they may unwittingly disclose government secrets.


“As people live longer and retire later, challenges associated with cognitive impairment in the workplace will need to be addressed,” the report says.


“Our limited research suggests this concern is an emerging security blind spot.”


© 2023 Ken Klippenstein, Pentagon-funded study warns dementia among U.S. officials poses national security threat, The Intercept (12 September 2023)



I guess it never occurred to anyone that . . .


. . . the exceedingly obvious nutcases in American leadership might cause governance problems simply by being powerful, demented, and avariciously cuckoo at the same time.


I would have imagined that, in a rational society:



inadvertently blabbing state secrets


(most of which are profoundly over-classified bullshit


that are exclusively aimed at maintaining or increasing totalitarian control)


would pose a supposed 'democracy' significantly less of a problem


than simply being a cognitively unbalanced, senile dope


repetitively leading the nation in self-destructive and Liberty-destroying directions.



The moral? — The United States has become an increasingly absurd place


If one takes a step back, one recognizes that America is, essentially, a virulently nihilistic psychosis.