Miasma of lies and mind-butchery surrounds us in the Collective West

© 2024 Peter Free


29 May 2024



No respite . . .


. . . from Elites' determination to mind-slaughter us all.


Here in the United States and Western Europe, one really has to struggle to find anything to imbibe that is not drowning in violently aggressive stupidity.


A minor, but telling, example of this follows.



Even in Zionist-hostile Qatar . . .


. . . which one might assume would have good reason to reject the pillaging West, reason is extinguished by the United States' malign grip.


Consider the following example of intentionally distorted reporting.


This particular one attempts to deny the solidity of the Russian-Chinese quasi-alliance that US neocons directly created, via their violent approaches to both nations:



After China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin pledged a “new era” of partnership, experts are questioning the depth of the relationship between the two most powerful rivals of the United States and its economic impact.


© 2024 Megha Bahree, ‘Russia needs China more’: Are Putin and Xi in a marriage of convenience?, Al Jazeera (28 May 2024)





Those experts being the same ignorant mob of mass-murder-instigating, pillaging dumbasses — who populate the American deep state.


Thus, we see that Qatar's Al Jazeera remains firmly in US neocons' grip, except on the issue of genocidally inclined Israel:



The United States has reached a deal to extend its military presence at a base in Qatar for another 10 years, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters on Tuesday [02 January 2024].


The base in question is the Al Udeid Air Base, which is located in the desert southwest of Doha and hosts the largest U.S. military facility in the Middle East, the source said, asking to not be identified.


© 2024 Jonathan Landay and Kanishka Singh, US reaches deal to extend military presence at Qatar base - source, Reuters (02 January 2024)



Given that the US has roughly 800-plus bases — not to mention an undoubted host of other secret presences — you can guess how much influence the American Deep State has globally.


Of US-controlled Qatar, the American ambassador there representatively said that:



Our security partnership has been essential over the past decade.


Qatar is home to the largest U.S. military presence in the Middle East, which serves as a strategic hub for U.S. operations in the region and a major source of U.S. investment.


Qatar’s security is our security. This base is critical to global efforts to counter terrorism, maintain stability, and promote regional security.


Our security collaboration enhances regional safety, and American companies are playing a leading role in fortifying this security relationship.


© 2023 Ambassador Timmy Davis, U.S.-Qatar relations: a model for global partnership, qa.usembassy.gov (20 September 2023)



And so it goes for the United States' looting-intended presence all over the world. Which implicitly reveals what a threat to the United States' pillage-intended grip, a Russia-China partnership represents.


Ergo, Al Jazeera's wishful thinking about the purported fragility of Russia-China's self-defensive friendship.



The moral? — If the US and its vassals are speaking . . .


. . . they are lying. And intentionally turning people against each other, so as to maintain Predatory Elites' grip on parasitic control.


Detect and reject propaganda. Liberty dies in lassitude.