The Marketing Power of Enthusiasm — Two Representative Product Videos — Olympus OM-D and Sony NEX-6 Cameras

© 2012 Peter Free


14 October 2012



The videos


Scott Rinckenberger, In the bush with: The Olympus OM-D E-M5, YouTube (17 July 2012) (caution —occasionally salty language)


HMX Media, Sony NEX-6: Into Alaska - behind the scenes, YouTube (13 September 2012)



Why do we care?


Intelligently applied creative energy often lifts our spirits.


In recent years (especially) I find that top echelon advertising is often paradoxically more appealing than the materialistic society that spawned it.  That’s by design, of course.


Yet, being manipulated into temporarily being better than we are can’t be all bad.



Regarding the two videos


If you are an outdoor person, I think you will see what I mean after watching the above two videos.


The first is a skillful, social media-like recording of the reviewer’s in use appreciation of the camera that he is reviewing.  It is a fast moving piece that makes you want to grab your bike, kayak, or climbing gear and go use them this instant.



The second video is a more conventional commercial piece that follows two professional photographers in the Alaskan wilderness.  It incorporates some surprisingly thoughtful comments about the art of photography from both men.  The ad visually revels in Alaska’s beauty.  Which, of course, has the subtle effect of reminding us (at least those who are reasonably aware) that wilderness is easily lost.



The moral? — Enthusiasm about something other than ourselves is infectious


And, when appropriately targeted, bonding.