Lunatic America shreds its own allies — sinking Germany, it appears, was not enough

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08 April 2023



How long will the neocon United States' evil empire last . . .


. . . given the belligerent stupidity of its leaders?



For instance


From AntiWar:



The White House plans to send a clear message to its European partners in the economic war against Russia, "you are either with us or against us."


Two US Treasury officials will visit European and Central Asian partners next month to demand all sanctions on Russia be implemented.


[Liz] Rosenberg and [Brian] Nelson will provide their European counterparts with intelligence on alleged sanctions evaders.


If those countries fail to crack down on those still doing business with Russia, then Washington is threatening to issue "penalties."


It is unclear how far the Joe Biden administration is willing to punish NATO allies for violating sanctions.


© 2022 Kyle Anzalone, US Will Threaten Europe to Implement Sanctions on Russia, AntiWar (07 April 2023)



I suppose that . . .


. . . these US Treasury people will tell Europeans that:



Remember how we deindustrialized Germany by blowing up its Nord Stream (cheap gas) supply?


You're next.



That's how the United States makes friends.



Recall that these US-sponsored anti-Russia sanctions . . .


. . . boomeranged in their effects.


In essence, the US is now calling upon Europe to continue to sanctions-hammer itself to death, just to please America's oligarchically-controlled pillagers.



The moral? — American neocons are obliterating . . .


. . . the United States' once prosperous-looking future.


Clueless, nasty, murdering and cowardly. All at the same time.


Any foreign nation with a trace of self-respect would (a) turn its back on the unrepentantly always abusing, extorting and nihilism-coddling United States and — (b) forge cooperative links with Russia and China. Both of which have proven themselves to be much easier to get along with.


That is what is happening today at a historically astonishing pace. Roughly 75 to 80 percent of this planet's human population is aligning Eastward.


Only an American fool would consider this trend favorable.


History will remember the United States' neocon-neoliberal leadership as a preeminent example of mindless, national self-annihilation.