Logic has fled the United States— and its absence says that we must kill American troops — so as to keep China from attacking itself

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20 April 2023



Rogue American nation — led by mindless yaksters?


From Dave DeCamp at AntiWar:



Adm. John Aquilino, the commander of US Indo-Pacific Command, told Congress Tuesday that the US must be ready to “fight and win” a war against China over Taiwan.


Air Force Gen. Mike Minihan, the commander of Air Mobility Command, said in a memo to his officers that the US and China could be at war in 2025.


“For me, it doesn’t matter what the timeline is,” Aquilino said.


Aquilino and other US officials maintain the US must increase support for Taiwan, both militarily and diplomatically, to prevent a Chinese attack on the island.


© Dave DeCamp, US Indo-Pacific Commander Says US Must Be Prepared to ‘Fight and Win’ a War With China over Taiwan, AntiWar (19 April 2023)



So, we're going to kill our own American troops . . .


. . . to prevent mainland China from attacking its own Taiwan province?


Even the United States has long and formally recognized that Taiwan is part of the "one" China.


Yet nevertheless, we are going to initiate the now-alleged "defense of Taiwan" because it apparently has become a good idea to initiate yet another — even more obviously unwinnable — war in the farthest imaginable place.


The idea that the US can overcome obviously massive logistical geographic and transport hurdles, so as to tackle China on its own borders indicates just how murderously stupid US leadership is.



Clueless propagandists


With slavishly idiot four stars like ours — toadying to administrations like Dementia Joe Biden's — elementary logic and foresight have been culturally pummeled into fleeing our shores.


The US has become (we rationally must conclude) all about provoking war, wherever it can and for whatever strategically absurd reasons.


This 'forever' death-dealing state-of-affairs occurring, so as to profit the Military Industrial Complex. Which parasitically has made the United States this planet's only 100 percent warfare state.


In short, our American youth are going to be sacrificed on Mammon's altar for the sake of the American Corporatocracy's oligarchically blood-drooling wealth.



As an old-fashioned American patriot . . .


. . . father and grandfather —such a needless sacrifice (of sons, daughters, brothers and sisters) solely for this Great American Fascist Corporatocracy's parasitic prosperity — does not sit well with me.


Nor should it, in any morally sound universe, with you.



The moral? — Critical thinking and good will — what are those?


It is no wonder that the majority rest of the world is fleeing this US-led "system" as fast as it can.


No one sanely sensible wants to be in — or gobbled by — metaphorical Satan's Cabal.