Let's piss off yet another nation, this time South Africa — American neocons at their US-destroying 'best'

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12 May 2023



Yet another idiot US ambassador


This time, its Reuben Brigety, our ambassador to South Africa.



He apparently stands for the now familiar Biden administration proposition that . . .


If you have more gumption than to be nationally suicidal, we Americans will kill you ourselves.


This continues to be US policy, despite the flight of creatures great and small from America's now poison-filled shadow:



The US ambassador to South Africa has accused the nation of secretly supplying Russia with weapons, a claim that drew a rebuke from Pretoria.


US Ambassador Reuben Brigety said he knew that a Russian ship that docked in South Africa in December was loaded with weapons but did not provide evidence for the claim.


“We are confident that weapons were loaded on to that vessel and I would bet my life on the accuracy of that assertion,” Brigety said.


“The arming of Russia by South Africa … is fundamentally unacceptable.”


© 2023 Dave DeCamp, US Ambassador Accuses South Africa of Supplying Russia With Weapons, AntiWar (11 May 2023)



In other words


Rabid US support of Nazi Ukraine, in profound betrayal of our anti-Nazi American ancestors, is Neocon America's party line.


And we Americans will (it seems) kill you, if you have the gall to think that Nazis are bad and that Russia and China both deserve to have their legitimate national security requirements respected.



The moral? — Fighting with virtually the entire world population is a losing proposition


Only genuinely evil American leadership would endeavor such a thing, in order to continue its sea-to-sea war profiteering.


But there — and here — we are.