Join the few — resist becoming yet another destruction-addicted muttonhead

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26 November 2023



Surprise . . .


. . . experienced in witness of Evil's constant creativity — is your guardian angel.



Of the moral atrocities that Israel's Zionists are committing in Gaza . . .


. . . with fascist-led America's weaponed assistance — Caitlin Johnstone wrote that:



If you stop being surprised when you see the world’s most powerful people always finding new and innovative ways to make the world a worse place for ordinary human beings, it means it’s become normalized in your system in some way.


It means that on top of all the other horrible evils they’ve inflicted upon our world, they’ve also managed to steal an important part of your humanity.


© 2023 Caitlin Johnstone, Never Stop Being Shocked by The Depravity of The Empire, (23 November 2023)



The moral? — Vigilantly guard your human decency


We are led and surrounded by determined spirit-slaughterers. These rabidly diseased nihilists try to propagandize us into imprisoning care and compassion.


Resist, via ferociously aware self-defense of your soul-blooming core.