Is the United States the global capital for avarice and indiscriminate death-dealing abroad?

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19 August 2023



Unquestionably so


Consider two recent American propaganda themes in illustration.



In the first propaganda theme . . .


The United States claims that China is a threat to North America and world peace. And thus, NATO must expand to further encircle China.


This warmongering expansion being necessary so as to strangle that 1.43 billion human populated land mass into compliance with America's purported rules-based world order.


Somehow, the accurate historical record, which shows that:



China is inordinately peaceful




the United States uninterruptedly war-making



. . . escapes Western attention.



In the second American propaganda theme . . .


The United States indirectly claims (via a NATO stooge) that the war that it started in Ukraine can be ended — now that proxied Ukraine forces have lost it — by having Ukraine cede Russian-populated Crimea to Russia. And simultaneously, having the rest of — predominantly still neo-Nazi-led — Ukraine join NATO.


Lost in this oddly irrational approach to well-established facts, is that the US provoked this war in the first place by threatening the Russian Federation with a NATO-joined Ukraine.


Yet now — apparently by magic's means — Russia is supposed to accept a peace that, nevertheless, accomplishes exactly the same US-instigated thing that the Federation has long announced that it is unalterably opposed to.


Rationally seen, this constitutes a still-warmongering, collective West-sponsored peace plan.



The moral? — The United States exists, according to the actions of its neocon-neoliberal leadership . . .


. . . solely to foment violent conflict.


Following the money involved, leads us directly to the predominantly war-based American military industrial complex and its surrounding (completely non-productive) 'FIRE' economy.


FIRE being an acronym that refers to finance, insurance and real estate.


We can reasonably conclude that US elites (who run American government) benefit from:



intentionally killing and mangling human bodies via use of the United States' (trillion dollar budget) Military Industrial Complex




suppressing foreign competition generated by significantly more productive economies — like China's.



In short, the neocon-neoliberal-led United States does an excellent job of combining Mammonesque greed with deliberately indulged mass murder.


With those undeniable facts in mind, is comparatively peaceful China really a threat to anything humanely decent located outside its borders?


What the collective West consistently lacks is a combined sense of facts-based moral decency and rationally interpreted geopolitical proportion. Both those traits being fundamentally 'diplomatic' virtues.


So, which prominent nations have, arguably, the most competently successful diplomats in the world?



Russia, China and India.



What an indicative culture-based 'coincidence' that is.