Is the Great Reset plotting to turn the United States into a bottomless vat of mewling dumbshits?

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20 December 2023



We see screw-with-reality news, more and more frequently


All part of the Great Reset?



Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson and the Chicago Board of Education are following the lead of other major cities and eliminating gifted school programs in the name of achieving greater racial and social “equity.”


Eleven “high-achieving selective-enrollment schools” will be eliminated, according to Chicago Board of Education CEO Pedro Martinez, to reduce “stratification and inequity.”


As we have previously discussed, major cities with failing public education programs are erasing performance gaps in their schools by decapitating the top performers rather than elevating the performance overall.


Other schools have also eliminated or lowered proficiency standards to achieve higher passage rates.


Jianan Shi has portrayed gifted programs as just adding stress by allowing some students to achieve higher levels of education.


Shi declared “the goal is […] to change (the) current competition model so that students are not pitted against one another, schools are not pitted against one another.”


One can imagine how thrilled countries like China must be as we decapitate our educational system to bring down both standards and schools to a low median.


© Jonathan Turley, Achieving Equity through Mediocrity: Chicago Moves to Eliminate “High-Achieving” School Programs, (19 December 2023)



People are easier to control, when they're forced to be equally unthinking and uninsightful.


Kind'a like being stuck in a vat of cluelessly amorphous molasses.



The moral? — Can you imagine the outcry . . .


. . . if we forced a similarly downward equalization (of ability) in sports?


Demonstrating, again, how irrationally leveling and reality-denying, Wokesters are.


Perhaps we should corral them 'guys' into a zoo.


To be exhibited as an example of mind-failed primates.