Is J. B. Shurk's prescription for 'remembering' — a shield — with which to crush the Deep State's globalist-inspired tyranny?

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04 July 2023



On the United States' Fourth of July . . .


. . . appreciate Liberty's rabble-rousers.


Always vanishingly few, they refuse to die.





From the powerfully eloquent, J. B. Shurk — here in excerpts:



I come from an area that remembers.  There are memorials dedicated to the fallen heroes of past wars.  The streets are named after consequential figures from American history.  American flags are flown prominently.


There is a minuteman mentality that connects the community in times of crisis.  Here, collective memory is powerful.  It soaks the mind in resolve.  It is the next-most effective kind of body armor, after the merciful protection of Almighty God.


As such, when I watch the despots from Davos and D.C. busily engaged in transforming the world into some kind of technocratic dystopia where a few international "elite" monitor and manipulate everyone else, I cannot help but feel that they have sorely underestimated our memories. 


There are some souls who will simply never submit to tyranny.  There are rebellious spirits who would rather spit up blood than obey.


People with these qualities do not belong to any one genetic line.  They cannot be ruthlessly stamped out and forgotten.  They sprout up in unexpected places and from unusual family trees.


Throughout history, whenever authoritarians believed they could use coercion, imprisonment, and murder to rid themselves of dissent, new generations of rebels continued to spring to life. 


And every time those new rebels rose, they remembered both the suffering and the courage of the past.


Independence Day is a call to remember all the things that the Deep State needs us to forget.


This is a land populated with the descendants of those who risked everything — time and again — to be free.  Our ancestors crossed oceans to escape religious persecution.  They endured periods of famine and disease to build societies beyond the reach of European lords.


They trekked out into the wilderness of an unknown world to flee the Old World's economic chains.  They preached self-reliance and charity.  They embraced hard work, faith, and adventure.


They built communities committed to self-reflection and self-government.  They rejected entrenched aristocracies and empowered common men.  They lit a spark for liberty that has never completely dimmed.  The real story of America is one in which tyranny is repudiated and unjust governments are unwelcome.


Those who remember and remind others should never be afraid.  This is the home of the free because of the brave.


© 2023 J. B. Shurk, Sorry, DC — Too Many Americans Remember, American Thinker (03 July 2023)



The moral? — Sheep are destined for fleecing and slaughter


What are you?


Flea-brained, cowed or sheep?


Or will you — inhabiting another category — wield Truth's propaganda-slicing sword?


That is, today, the only species-defining question.