Is Armageddon taking shape? — Russia announces its move to counter American naval escalation in the Middle East

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20 October 2023



Leave it to US neocons to make explosive geopolitical situations, worse


Instead of furthering true diplomacy — with regard to de-escalating the Israel-Hamas situation — the United States has sent two aircraft carrier groups to the Mediterranean Sea.


These carrier groups, presumably, are aimed at preventing Iran, Lebanon and Syria from assisting Hamas (and potentially Hezbollah) in their defense of Gaza from Israel's (post Hamas terror assault) reprisal invasion of Palestinian land.


Land that, History would remind us, Israel has been stealing, and murdering people on, for decades.



Russia, not suprisingly . . .


. . . given its reasonably friendly relationships with virtually everyone in the region, including Israel — has responded to the American escalation in the following fashion:



"Based on my instructions, the Russian Aerospace Forces will begin patrols on a permanent basis in the neutral zone of airspace over the Black Sea, and the MiG-31 aircraft will be armed with Kinzhal systems,” Putin said as cited by state news agency Interfax.


“I stressed that this is not a threat, but we will exercise visual control, control with weapons of what is happening in the Mediterranean Sea,” Putin said.


© 2023 Tuqa Khalid, Putin declares Russian fighter jets with hypersonic weapons will patrol Black Sea, Al Arabiya (18 October 2023)



Notice that


The Russian Kinzhal is fully capable of obliterating both US carrier groups.


That's what could happen, when American leadership complacently brings an obsolete war-making system to a modern conflict.


Evidently, the motivation for this form of provocative American stupidity is American neocon leadership's wish to start a war with Iran and to complete the United States' — internationally illegal — partial occupation of Syrian oil fields.


We can further surmise that these neocon idiots think that starting a major war in the Middle East will nicely complement the two other hot wars these same maniacs have been trying to instigate with Russia and China.



Given . . .


. . . that the US has not been able to defeat poorly weaponed, pseudo-peasant stock in the past — it is unlikely that we can defeat three well-armed, modern, near-peer adversaries individually — much less at the same time.


Especially so, since the US-NATO instigated war in Ukraine has, most recently, been majorly lost to Russia alone.



History has turned an irrevocable corner


China — directly responding to the United States' serial provocations — has just announced that it is now strategically aligned with Russia.


Here, with my emphasis added:



A major significance of Putin's visit to China is the demonstration of the high level of strategic coordination between Russia and China, and especially given the current international landscape and challenges that Russia has been facing, there is a need for the two sides to enhance coordination at both bilateral and international levels to counter the West's unreasonable containment and suppression, Chinese experts said.


China supports the Russian people in pursuing the path of national rejuvenation independently and safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests, he said, calling on the two sides to promote high-quality development of China-Russia practical cooperation and actively explore cooperation in strategic emerging industries.


© 2023 Chen Qingqing and Yin Yeping, Xi, Putin hold talks, demonstrate 'high level' of strategic coordination, Global Times (18 October 2023)



The moral? — Conceited, dumb and Satanically belligerent . . .


. . . Neocon America is doing its best to blow up the world.


I am wondering when my fellow US citizens are going to object to having our kids, brothers and sisters in the military — as well as ourselves — blown up in such a strategically foolish and blatantly immoral — war everywhere — endeavor.


Is everyone over here self-destructively psychotic?


Or are we all just so blindly and soullessly stupid, as to make ourselves easy fodder for Darwinian extermination?