Intelligent wit versus US rabble-babble? — Minister Lavrov's example

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05 January 2019


The utility of contrasts — first the nitwit one


The US lamestream is in an uproar because an incoming (and nicely hijab-wearing) Democratic Congresswoman — Rashida Tlaibcalled our Republican President a "motherfucker".


And went on to promise that her Democratic street gang is going to impeach him, presumably toppling him from the presidency's throne of legalized graft.



Naturally, given that awkward impediment called Reality . . .


. . . mighty Nancy Pelosi — Speaker of the Congressional House that would have to accomplish the impeaching indictment — manifested cold political feet.


She primly told American citizenry that we would have to continue waiting for facts of Trump's alleged misbehavior to out themselves.


This Outing of Truth, so to speak, evidently only to occur as the anticipated result of Robert Mueller's bogus investigation of Donald of Orange's apparently non-existent Putin collusion — emerged.


At some still unknown distance (down the already much-too-long, partisanly inspired and topic-irrelevant) road.


We can infer — from Speaker Pelosi's arguably sensible caution — that the highly visible sparks of the President's behavior for the last two years have not been enough to reach a conclusion (pro or con) regarding the wisdom of initiating an impeachment process.


Poor Nancy. Poor us.


Existence is ambiguously confusing.



As for Representative Rashid Tlaib's turn of un-diplomatic phrase


Speaker Pelosi pronounced that it should not be considered a "big deal".


Given, she pointed out, the President's own pungently degrading appellations of others.





For his part


The President admonished the outspoken Congresswomen for her "dishonorable" behavior.


That's a chiding originated in biblically gargantuan hypocrisy, if I ever heard one.


President Trump, happily from some perspectives, hardly ever falls short of setting a gloriously bad example.



In contrast — far away and months before — a counter example


Sometimes I have to comfort myself that we really do favorably derive from mildly advanced apes.


Thus, after the above described display of high-ranking American pseudo ape-ish-ness, I turned to a minor counter phenomenon, exhibited just last year, by the Russian Federation's overtly brainy foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov.


During a press gathering, Lavrov succinctly dismissed a reporter's provocative question about impliedly nefarious Russian plots.


Was the Russian Federation attempting to lure expropriated South African farmers to the Slavic homeland?


Minister Lavrov, immediately recognizing the beginning of a probable parade of aggressively displayed stupidity, replied that:



At this time, we are busy meddling with Catalonia's elections.


© 2018 Sputnik, Lavrov Trolls Spain at UN, Says Russia 'Busy Meddling in Catalonia's Elections', SputnikNews (29 September 2018)



Wit, sarcasm and situational summary — cogently combined.


Do you think that any of the United States' current crop of bellicose leaders could match Lavrov's humorously pointed quality, even on their very best days?



An aside — regarding American political culture's paranoid hubris


If you click on the above article link, it takes you to SputnikNews. A Russian source.


If you then click on the embedded video title in that article, it takes you to YouTube.


YouTube, in turn, warns you that "RT" — who published the video clip of the press conference at issue — "is funded wholly or in part by the Russian government [per] Wikipedia."


We can infer from this assertively helpful caveat that everything videotaped in the conference is a manufactured Russian lie.


Those lies undoubtedly aimed at toppling the Hope of the World — meaning the United States — from its Holy Hegemony constructed of truth and justice.


"Them Russians are all devils."



The moral? — When intelligent humor flees stupidity's grand American stage, we know we're in trouble


That said, species Homo sapiens — we can hypothesize from Minister Lavrov's frequent displays of wit — is not yet completely lost.


Despite today's American leadership's best efforts to make it seem so.