Inadvertently proving what an integrity-lacking, professionally incompetent parasite he is — the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs uttered a Nuremberg-equivalent indictment of himself

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17 June 2023



In a just world . . .


. . . General Mark Milley — and all neocons in the US Deep State — would be lawfully Nuremberged.


Below is what that self-involved, integrity-lacking, moral imbecile told the press — regarding the supposed Ukrainian counteroffensive in the Ukraine War:



Through a global effort, more than 6,000 Ukrainians are being trained right now at 40 different locations -- training locations in 65 courses in 33 nations on three continents.


All in all, the international effort has trained almost 60,000 Ukrainian soldiers for this current operation, and many of whom are engaged in close combat as we stand here today.


© 2023 U.S. Department of Defense, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark A. Milley Hold Press Conference Following Ukraine Defense Contact Group Meeting, Brussels, Belgium, (15 June 2023)





How is a group of folks trained much too rapidly, in 40 locations in 33 different countries and across 65 different courses — going to generate the competently quasi-seamless integration that is necessary on any modern weapons battlefield?


Answer — they won't.


These people are knowingly being sent to their poorly trained deaths, just to keep the Ukraine carnage going.


Thereby profitably fueling the American military industrial complex. As well as keeping 'Dementia Joe' Biden's 2024 election hopes alive and floating on a literal sea of blood.



The moral? — This NATO approach to war-instigation and perpetuation . . .


. . . constitutes criminal murder for profit.


Exactly what World War 2's Nuremberg court precedent was designed to restrain and punish.


How quickly (we might observe) society loses all traces of decency and resolve.