Imbecile America? — consider the Oroville Dam situation — and what led up to it

© 2017 Peter Free


14 February 2017



Shall we send a Valentine's Day love greeting to ourselves?


Y'all have probably heard of the mass evacuation that the Oroville Dam spillway-fracture has caused.


Lots of rain, you know.


So, that's an Act of God, right?



Not exactly — think back


California has been in a severe drought for the last few years. Reservoirs and water tables have been at record lows.


One would think that someone in authority would have thought to go take a convenient (low water) look at the dams. See what maintenance needs to get done.



But nooooo


Instead, "we" opted as we always do.


We let the commons go to hell, while everyone:


saves on paying taxes




our Government funds nonsensical wars with what's left.



But this "no taxes for infrastructure" is a win-win — isn't it?


Yum, yeah!



(1) We get to buy cheap Chinese "shit" after driving to the mall over potholed roads and rickety bridges. But that wear-and-tear just supports making more new cars. And that's good for jobs (somewhere).


Those Americans who lost their jobs in manufacturing can buy the same cheap "shit" that we do. If we hadn't shipped all their jobs abroad, they would have had to pay for that expensive Made in America stuff.


So, it's all good.


Even if the lost-job manufacturing folk run out of money, they still have that wondrously accorded Libertarian Right to be:






have no health insurance for their rotting teeth, minds and guts.


Ain't freedom grand?



(2) And we all already know that nobody cares about the people abroad, who go the way of collateral damage.


The "collateral" in damage "surely" means that Jesus blessed this extermination of innocents in the name of some higher Bless America good.


Praise the Lord.



Jesus is happy.


We're happy.


And nobody cares what Outside of America thinks.



Until — the rains come





Oh my, look'it that water gush from the huge frickin hole in the spillway!


See them 188,000 folks run from their down-water, downhill prop-i-ties!


'Cause ya never know, the whole Oroville Dam shebang just might blow.



Imagine the Catas-Trophy!


Why, this'll be on the news!


Hey, Mom!


(Until President Trump tweets some provocative bullshit 5 minutes from now.)



The moral? — Ain't no common sense nowhere in Ah-Murika


The Land'a Cheap-n-Dumb be cuttin' its own throat.


How's that for putting collateral in damage?