If you live in a pig stye, you probably don't realize it is one — four recent online posts

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25 March 2023



The always provocative . . .


. . . (American living in Mexico) Vietnam War vet — Fred Reed — went off on the United States' warmongering foolishness. As well as against our nation's seemingly intentional plunge into societal suicide — while simultaneously spending billions and billions of dollars on the strategically idiotic Ukraine War.


Here — in excerpts:



In LA some sixty thousand people–who really knows?–sleep on the sidewalks, in tents, cardboard boxes, sleeping bags, or not much of anything.


Others live in their cars. The same in San Fran, Seattle, St. Louis.


There being no bathrooms, they defecate as the urge hits, and where.


What choice do they have? Some are junkies, others crazy, many just with no jobs or jobs that don’t pay enough for a room.


Meanwhile Biden sends billions to Ukraine, lots of billions, our billions, while America crumbles within.


A corrupt, senescent, second-rate lawyer mysteriously empowered to bankrupt his own country to benefit a corrupt, dirtball country of no importance to America.


Crime in America is at appalling levels.


Tourists from normal countries must view visits as trips to a zoo.


Education is abysmal and getting worse fast under Biden. Potholes come, bridges age, infrastructure rots. But Ukraine gets lots and lots of stuff free.


And now the banks collapse because of, well, backbreaking military giveaways to Lockheed-Martin, backbreaking national debt, backbreaking trade deficits, and unending wars.


Now Ukraine demands fighter planes.


Are you grateful?


© 2023 Fred Reed, To Hell with Ukraine, fredoneverything.org (16 March 2023)



Of Reed's on-target diatribe . . .


. . . the common-sense-prone, retired CIAer — Larry Johnson — who (like Reed) is a critic of US foreign and domestic policies — noted that, "I encourage you to read the rest of his rant. I fully endorse it."



In the comments section . . .


. . . below Johnson's endorsement of Reed's perspective — floated two succinctly focused observations.


RZ commented that:



The Russian and Chinese have economies based on real things, not on imaginary financial constructs. If . . . we get through this without a nuclear exchange[,] the Western system will be going down [,] while the new Eastern alliance will be disappearing over the horizon with the wind in their sails.


The Ukraine debacle has demonstrated the complete capture of the US and European political system by the powers that be.


The only question is who [,] and I mean names and addresses, are these people?


The manufacture of guillotines and tumbrils does not require an industrial base so there is that.


It really looks like the West is going to have the lifestyle of the third world descend on us like a biblical plague.



Rajesh added:



I read Fred’s article in full – then went through the comments underneath.


I must say, I have never seen such a parade of ignorance about history and ideology in one place before in my life.


Every cliche, every idiotic misconception about economics and politics, every stupid talking point of the lunatic exceptionalists for whom Russia and China might as well be the back end of the moon for all they know about those countries….just felt sick to my stomach.


I’m not American, and never have I been happier that I did not have to go through an education system that results in this stunning level of ignorance and self-delusion – and lack of critical thinking faculties.


If the majority of Americans are like those commenting on Fred’s work, there is no hope of anything but nuclear war.



Rajesh certainly captures . . .


. . . my own oh-my-gosh mood, when reading public comments to almost anything posted online in the United States.


Comments sections generally take the predominant form of permitting herds of (often incomprehensibly) stupid and unaware folk to muscularly loft their belligerently unsifted ignorance.



The moral? — So, is the majority of the US population is not worth saving from nuclear annihilation?


An appalling conclusion, if it comes to that.


Kind'a like recognizing that deadly infection-spreading chickens must be terminated for the good of flocks everywhere else.