If true, just one military corruption fact — demonstrates how deserving of elimination Ukraine is

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06 October 2023



A step even below Nazi hell


From the reportedly factually dependable Russian war reporter, Voenkor Marat Khairullin — via Larry Johnson's sonar21 blog:



[W]e know for sure that ordinary soldiers are taken for treatment in one of the nearby large hospitals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kurakhovo only with a bribe . . . you have to pay so that the wounded soldier is urgently operated on by surgeons.


Not only is there a catastrophic shortage of hospitals in the near zone, and . . . the Ukrainians have no special medical units at all, but military medicine is also corrupt.


Do you know what this means? . . . even their own doctors don’t like them, let alone the generals.


A people who do not love themselves . . . is doomed.


© 2023 Voenkor Marat Khairullin, The roof of the Ukrainian Armed forces is leaking, sonar21 (05 October 2023)



The moral? — Unbelievably . . .


. . . the Collective West's plutocracy is financing, training and militarily assisting this morally loathsome, Nazi-led Ukrainian culture.


'No one left behind' is arguably in the process of fleeing Eastward.