How to Make Microsoft Outlook 2010 Automatically Check for New Email Messages Every Few Minutes

© 2011 Peter Free


26 February 2010



Step by step instructions


1. Click on “File” — at the left corner of Outlook’s top-of-the-page menu bar.


2. In the left side panel of the page that appears, click on “Options.” It is just below “Help.”


3. When the “Outlook Options” page opens, click on “Advanced” in the vertical menu that appears inside the left side panel of the page.


4. Scroll about two-thirds of the way down, looking for “Send and receive” in the larger of the two panels.


5. Click on the “Send and receive” button.


6. When the “Send/Receive Groups” page appears, look half-way down the small box for “Setting for group ‘All accounts.’”


7. Checkmark the box that is labeled “Schedule an automatic send/receive every ___ minutes.”


Then use the scroll buttons on the minute box to enter the time you want Outlook to re-contact your email server to download (and send) your messages.


8. Notice that you can checkmark a box labeled “Perform an automatic send/receive when exiting.”


9. You can also have Outlook automatically send/receive when it is offline.


The necessary check boxes are located immediately below the two we just covered.