Hotel Huberhof, St. Georg-Weg 6, 6063 Rum, Austria — Review

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13 September 2015


Photograph of a room in Hotel Huberhof in Rum, Austria.


Photograph of view from Hotel Huberhof over Inn River valley in Rum, Austria.



Highly recommended


Hotel Huberhof is a family-run hotel, bar and restaurant — located outside Innsbruck in Rum, Austria. We visited for a night in early September, 2015.


What I especially liked is the hotel’s side street location. It has its own parking lot and, unlike seemingly most of the rest of touristed Europe, one does not have to fight with random passers-by for a place to park.


Host Maria Huber, dressed in traditional Austrian attire, runs reception and service. She speaks enough English to make things easy for those of us whose German is lousy.


The place was spotless, even by Germanic standards. The updated and aesthetically pleasing room, though small, is comfortable. The hotel’s WiFi works well.


Bed coverings take the form of sheet-covered comforter. As is customary in Western Europe, there are no washcloths. The shower, as seems to be typical in much of Europe, is tiny by American standards. Large people will find themselves smacking the glass walls, while turning around.


The uninterrupted view from the pleasingly updated room looked out over the beautiful Inn River valley. Even in the rain, this expansive perspective was worth the price of the trip.


The affordable restaurant menu is authentically Austrian, which makes the food generally too rich for my taste. Breakfast was the typically excellent Western European mix of cheeses, cold meats, muesli, breads, fruits, yogurt and (offered) eggs.  Service, on the weekday that I was there, was noticeably faster than the lackadaisical German equivalent that I have become accustomed to.


The only negative (again typical for the region) is that cigarette smoke from the bar makes it way throughout the hotel’s first floor, where the restaurant is. This is true even at breakfast time, when the bar’s early patrons arrive.