History is likely to adopt China's take on the United States' Julian Assange plea deal

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27 June 2028



One totalitarian recognizes another?


Regarding Julian Assange's felony plea (for freedom) deal with the United States, China said that:



In order to cover up its crimes, laws can become tools of the US government.


The chilling effect it hopes to achieve on "whistleblowers" not only brings personal harm to Assange but also deepens the world's profound doubts about the values that the US boasts.


A years-long international saga involving Assange may be over, but this history of injustice will always be remembered. Its impact will continue to resonate in the public and media spheres, reminding people of the US' trampling of freedom and human rights.


© 2024 Global Times, This is the 'freedom' the US advocates: People who tell the truth have to plead guilty, globaltimes.cn (26 June 2024)



The moral? — We should hope that people remember


If not, America's 1776-1789 liberty dream dies unmourned.