Fascist US regime got rid of Tucker Carlson — now, it will be uninterrupted lies in the American mainstream

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24 April 2023



Mind control for everyone


Corporatocracy's sheepification program has triumphed:



Fox News Media and Tucker Carlson have decided to part ways, the network announced in a statement Monday, a seismic shake-up in the cable news world given Carlson's status as the network's most-watched anchor.


© 2023 Melissa Quinn, Tucker Carlson is leaving Fox News, network announces, CBS News (24 April 2023)



Thus demonstrating that the Great American Corporatocracy values mind control, even more than its rampant avarice.


Carlson was the only American media anchor, who tended to stick to the facts. Even when his interpretations of those might offend the Establishment and our nation's uni-Party herd of similarly minded fleece-bearers.


He was a good example of the value of free speech. One did not have to agree with him to respect his carefully crafted, true facts based perspectives.





Carlson's elimination from the mainstream-lamestream should send First Amendment-losing shudders up and down our spines.



The moral? — US fascism advances its grip


In that regard, one might hypothesize that it is a sorry population of complacent dupes that puts up with the culturally entrenched mind-enslavement that characterizes the American experience, these days.


Morally speaking, it is probably time to stop complaining about regimes abroad. We could start contemplating our own, obviously totalitarian, version of hope-crushing repression.


If you think that this is going to end well for us, as a supposedly Free People, you are (inarguably) an idiot.