Exercise in moral putridity — Western leaders want Ukro-Nazis to be grateful to them

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13 July 2023



Whose foulness is worse?


From The Guardian:



Ben Wallace, the UK defence secretary, said that “whether we like it or not, people want to see a bit of gratitude”, when asked about Zelenskiy’s frustration at not being presented with a formal invitation to join Nato, and he advised Ukraine that it might help if it took a different approach.


Presenting his remarks as helpful advice, Wallace said Ukraine had a habit of treating allies, including the UK, as if they were an Amazon warehouse with lists of demands for weapons – and was not always careful to try to win over more sceptical politicians in the US Congress and elsewhere.


“Sometimes you’re persuading countries to give up their own stocks [of munitions],” Wallace said.


“Sometimes you’ve got to persuade lawmakers on the Hill in America. You’ve got to persuade doubting politicians in other countries that, you know, that it’s worthwhile.”


Jake Sullivan, the US national security adviser, argued that “the American people do deserve a degree of gratitude”, in response to a pointed question from a Ukrainian activist who asked if Joe Biden was withholding Nato membership because he was “afraid of Russia losing, afraid of Ukraine winning”.


Sullivan, clearly irritated, said: “The United States of America has stepped up to provide an enormous amount of capacity to help ensure that Ukraine’s brave soldiers have the ammunition, air defence, the infantry, fighting vehicles, the mine-clearing equipment.”


© 2023 Dan Sabbagh, US and UK call for more gratitude from Kyiv after Zelenskiy’s Nato complaint, Guardian (12 July 2023)



In short — by the elements


Y'all Ukro-Nazis better be grateful to us Western leaders.


For so energetically robbing our publics.


So as to arm, finance and militarily assist your silly Nazi asses.


While y'all prosecute — and die by the hundreds of thousands in — the proxy war.


That we started with Russia for no good strategic reason.


Other than fulfilling our customarily Satanic and globally aimed avarice.



The moral? — Who is worse?




Or the West's yellow-bellied, thieving manipulators — who keep them going?