Environment (2010-2011)

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Nuclear Regulatory Commission Approves Modular Generation III+Westinghouse AP1000 Reactor — but the Problem of Waste Storage Remains a Critical Societal Obstacle to Its Widespread Use — a Problem that Our Failing Political System Is Unlikely to Overcome (24 December 2011)


Complexities in Evaluating the Pace of Climate Change — How Will Drying Peatlands Affect the Carbon Cycle? (03 November 2011)


Genetically Altered Canola Is Now Interbreeding with Non-Modified Types in the Environment at Large — the U.S. Department of Agriculture Once Pretended this Would Not Happen (07 October 2011)


Future of Nuclear Power Looks Dead — Siemens Quits the Business (19 September 2011)


Unsustainable Deep Sea Fisheries Are a Good Example of What We Know Being Overwhelmed by the Tragedy of the Commons (12 September 2011)


A Year after BP’s Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, the American Media Mostly No Longer Bothers to Report the Aftermath — butAl Jazeera Does, and Its News Is Not Good (05 August 2011)


Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster Worse than Advertised? — Al Jazeera Thinks So (17 June 2011)


Escaping Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) — What the Industry and the USDA Disingenuously Deny (29 May 2011)


A Study in Pennsylvania and New York Found that Methane Concentrations Were 17 Times Higher (and Potentially Dangerous) in Water Wells Near Natural Gas Hydraulic Fracturing Sites than Concentrations in Wells More than 1 Kilometer Away — Another Demonstration of the Public’s Forced Subservience to Self-Interested Corporations and Lax Government (10 May 2011)


The First Volume of the Deepwater Horizon Explosion and Oil Spill Investigation Shows that Corner-Cutting and Lack of Adequate Regulatory Supervision Led to the Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Disaster(25 April 2011)


Pliocene Epoch Arctic Air Temperatures Probably Were 11 to 16 Degrees Celsius Higher than Today — A View of Our Not too Distant Weather Future? (11 April 2011)


Climate Change and Positive Feedback Mechanisms — Russia’s Northern Forest Composition Is Changing to More Warmth-Tolerant, Needle-Retaining Species, thereby Increasing Ground Heat Retention (27 March 2011)


Cultural Strengths and Weaknesses on Display in Japan — Fukushima Daiichi’s Radiation Leaks (17 March 2011)


U.S. Department of Agriculture Decided against Regulating the Planting of Genetically Modified Alfalfa — Possibly a Very Big Deal (09 March 2011)


RNA Viruses Responsible for European Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder Found in other Hymenoptera, with Pollen as the Medium for Inter-Species Transmission

(29 December 2010)


Global Crop Diversity Trust to Find and Preserve Wild Relatives of Food Crops in Preparation for Climate Change (28 December 2010)


Boreal Biomass Burning — an Escalating Contribution to Climate Change?(07 December 2010)


Agriculture’s Regional Effect on Climate  a Short and Interesting Study by Paul C. West and Colleagues

(03 November 2010)


Climate Science Complexities Overwhelm Our Current Ability to Accurately Predict the Consequences of Global Warming  that Means We Have to Think More Realistically about a Package of Solutions

(12 October 2010)


Green Energy Substitution Is Not a Realistic Solution to Carbon Emissions in the Short and Medium Terms  Our Planning Needs to More Realistic

(07 October 2010)


It Is Hard to Stay Credible if One’s Behavior Is Not Credible  The Obama Administration Continued to Shoot Itself in the Foot during BP’s Gulf of Mexico Oil Gusher (06 October 2010)


Nuclear Waste Disposal Continues to Plague the United States  Does No One Have Persuasive Common Sense? (01 October 2010)


Government’s Fake-Science in its BP Residual Oil Spill Estimate (05 August 2010)

President Obama Fails the Leadership Test Provided by the Gulf Oil Spill(12 June 2010)

Aspects of the Gulf Oil Spill Are So Absurd that They Escape Attention (12 June 2010)

Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon Spill Could Have Been Avoided Had United States Regulators Used Common Sense and the Precautionary Principle

(15 May 2010)


Plutocracy at Work in Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

(03 May 2010)


Mad Cows and Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease  The New Stature of the Precautionary Principle in European Law and Health Practice (April 2001)