Eloquent fury from Richard Medhurst — regarding Arab nations' non-action — during Israel's Gaza slaughter

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04 November 2023



Meaningless red lines and national cowardice?


Arab world national leaders' bombast has never been impressively effective in a geopolitical sense.


Ergo, Israel and the United States run wild in mass-killing Gazans and threatening to further escalate the butchery outside Gazan borders.



Richard Medhurst asks why . . .


. . . Muslim Middle East nations act this way.


He points to blatantly obvious things — concerning gas, oil and the Suez Canal — that Islamic nations in region could be doing to stop the Gaza slaughter:



Richard Medhurst, Where are the Arabs & Muslims?, YouTube (02 November 2023)



The moral? — Not exactly a tableau of constructively inclined courage, is it?


Everyone in opposition to Israel's Holocaust 2 butchery seems to be standing around, waiting for someone else to ram a spike up Israel's Nazi-emulating ass and punch the blanketly Israel-supporting — and always chaos-creating — Neocon US in the mouth.


Meanwhile, innocent Gazans die by the thousands. Mainly women and children.


One becomes increasingly revolted by humanity's avaricious, consistently yellow-bellied, and always self-interested national leaderships.


Moral contempt is arguably due.