Does viciousness, impenetrable stupidity and avarice — make US neocons even more dangerous — than muscular idiots usually are?

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09 April 2023



Impenetrable stupidity, defined


Take two events:



First, the United States sends two of its neocon Euro vassals — French president Emmanuel Macron and European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen — to China to warn the People's Republic away from its growing alliance with Russia.


Then, the United States sends a Congressional delegation to Taiwan, so as to continue provoking war with that same People's Republic.


And all of this comes after the United States instigated a deadly — now visibly US-losing — proxy war in Ukraine against Russia.



Do these American neocons . . .


. . . assume that China's (arguably competent) leadership does not see the hypocrisy — as well as the obviously-existing US plan to destroy both Russia and China — that underlies the Collective West's scheming?



The moral? — 'Rabid vermin' perfectly describes . . .


. . . American leadership and its Euro-vassal equivalents.


An intelligent victim-to-be (of these Western plunderers) would prepare a Parasite Extermination Plan to protect humanity's odds for survival.


And only an American imbecile — of which there are many in our propagandized unto brain death ranks — would discount the now looming probability of nuclear war.


We should rationally conclude that avarice, rampaging stupidity and inbred viciousness create humanity-threatening conditions.


The question is whether the West's neocon death-breeders will get themselves axed from power — before — they kill and maim billions of people.