Do you feel safer with Milley and Kirby types in charge?

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07 June 2023



Integrity-killing dopes?


Two such, today:



Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Mark Milley




retired admiral John Kirby, coordinator for strategic communications at the National Security Council.



General Milley . . .


Gravitas-laden, lying representative of the neocon species.


For example, regarding Ukraine's repeatedly announced (and serially postponed) counter-offensive in the Ukraine War:



Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley said Ukraine was “very well prepared” for the high-stakes upcoming counteroffensive to retake its territory from Russian forces.


In an interview with CNN, Milley joined a host of other high-profile public officials who are publicly affirming their confidence in Ukraine’s readiness for the counteroffensive, which has been in the planning process for months and reportedly could now be imminent.


© 2023 Sarah Fortinsky, Milley: Ukraine is ‘well prepared’ for counteroffensive, The Hill (05 June 2023)



Then, literally a couple of days later, came the following report:



The [Russian] defense department noted that the Ukrainian army did not achieve the goals of the offensive and suffered significant losses in the Yuzhno-Donets direction.


“During the past day, the active actions of the “Southern” group of forces successfully repelled eight attempts to attack the assault detachments of the 56th motorized infantry, 57th mechanized brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” [Lieutenant-General Igor] Konashenkov said at a briefing.


© 2023 Izvestia, The Ministry of Defense reported the failure of eight attempts to attack the Armed Forces of Ukraine, (07 June 2023)



Keep in mind that Russian military sources have generally been noticeably more accurate than Ukraine or the West's, with respect to generating who-did-what-to-whom reports about this US-provoked war.


The best that Ukraine seems to do these days is launch militarily useless terror attacks, which its Cabal of Nazis lauds, as if terrorism were a particularly appealing form of government activity.


Milley, of course, knows all this. But he prefers to continue misleading We the People with lies that keep the Warfare State going.



Retired Admiral Kirby . . .


Who exudes the United States' eager willingness to provoke World War 3.


Consider in illustration, the following exchange between Kirby and a reporter, who had asked him about the following recent statement from Russia's foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov:



Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has warned that his country has to bear in mind that F-16 fighters, which the West is set to deliver to Ukraine, were designed with a nuclear strike capability.


"Anything can be expected from the leaders of the U.S. and other Western countries. They are already proving this when, following advanced long-range weapons and tanks, they are now seriously preparing F-16s.


"Some people say two squadrons are set to be transferred, others say there will be eight.


"They are preparing to continue to escalate the war that was unleashed against us," he stated.


© 2023 Military Watch editorial staff, Russian Foreign Minister Cautious of F-16’s Nuclear Strike Capability as Deliveries to Ukraine Expected Soon, Military Watch Magazine (06 June 2023)



Kirby's response:



The first thing I would say to Minister Lavrov is:


If you’re worried about Ukrainian military capabilities, then you should take your troops and leave Ukraine.



In being a coy smartass, Kirby deliberately overlooked the facts that the US installed a Nazi-oriented regime in Ukraine in 2014. Which then killed 14,000 Russian-heritage people in Ukraine's Donbas region. And in early 2022, these same US-financed and militarily supported Nazis massed an army to finish their long-term slaughter job. To which the Russians predictably responded with their 'special military operation' invasion of Ukraine.


Notice, too (as an indicator of twisted deviousness), how illogically Kirby casually dismisses the reality that the F-16s are of American origin by implicitly claiming that they belong to 'Ukrainian military capabilities'.


In fact, the nuke-capable fighters are not, and never have been, part of the Ukraine's armed forces.


Sending Ukraine these fighters does, therefore, amount to escalation by the United States. Exactly Lavrov's point.


And do watch Kirby's slighting demeanor, as he makes his dismissively supercilious comment. World War 3 (it signals), who cares?


In sum, Kirby's asinine retort (to Lavrov) perfectly illustrates the contemptuous (and contemptible) ways in which the United States has repeatedly ignored the Russian Federation's reasonably stated security concerns.


Kirby's arrogantly flaunted, foresight-lacking mediocrity perfectly models Hannah Arendt's description of the banality of evil.



The moral? — 'Bamboozle-Boy' Milley and 'Banality of Evil' Kirby


Would you want either one of these self-serving dopes to send you (or your kids) to death:



on certain-to fail


completely unnecessary


Military Industrial Complex-fattening


military missions?



If we do go up in smoke, it will be our fault for having tolerated these vicious fools, day after day and year after year.