Demented West dodders around — with Nazi-drunk Ukraine— claiming that Russia blew up its own Kakhovka dam

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08 June 2023



Evidently, Nazism eats the brain


For instance, as Ukraine always does in trying to cover its own terror-dealing tracks, Ukraine is claiming that Russia blew up its own Kakhovka dam in a fit of eco-terrorism.


Characteristically, the enthusiastically fascistic American Imperium is going along with Ukraine's mind controlling ruse.


We can safely conclude that the Collective West's own brain mimics President Joe Biden's corruption-addled, puppetized, age-doddering one.



Of this . . .


. . . Twitter's Chebureki Man commented that — with my clarifying additions inside brackets:



According to the Western MSM [mainstream media], it's perfectly logical for Russia to:



threaten [historically Russian] Crimea’s water supply, after eight years of tough struggles without it


destroy billions worth of [Russian-to-be] infrastructure, critical to regional agriculture and civic water supply systems, on both sides of the river


cause panic and evacuation of your own [Russian heritage] people while destroying their villages, towns and homes


cause massive ecological damage and contamination to a region that you [Russians] plan to completely annex


ruin carefully prepared [Russian military] defensive positions, flood trenches, scatter mines everywhere, force your own defensive personnel and equipment to retreat


threaten the water supply for Europe largest [Russia-controlled] nuclear power plant



For Western audiences to believe all this, it can only be explained by brain damage, or possibly fetal drug and alcohol syndrome.



The moral? — Western civilization is, arguably, no longer worth saving


The West's obtuseness is explained by sadly astonishing levels of — complacently unenquiring, oceanically ignorant and perpetually belligerent — stupidity.


Propaganda-caused brain rot.