Crooks are stealing catalytic converters now — and it is still illegal to shoot them — does that make societal sense?

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09 July 2019



Namby-pampy-ists like to save everyone's life


Even when those lives, on an overpopulated planet, really are not worth saving.



Take the folks who are stealing catalytic converters from other people's cars


Or the flash mob that stole $30,000 of clothing from a Wisconsin store that was minding its own business.


Had people wearing body cams shot them all, the American street crime problem would quickly solve itself.


And insurance rates would go down.



Body cam video could demonstrate the righteousness of performing these hygienic cleanses


We could even offer bounties to people for doing the cleanup.


I am (indeed) surprised that the NRA, Second Amendmenters and the domestic arms industry — not to mention body cam manufacturers — have not leapt to the political forefront to support such a soundly reasoned society-sanitizing initiative.



The moral? — Yes, I can be a leftist and "common sensible" at the same time


This planet emphatically does have way too many resource-using people.


Thus, let's attack climate change and street crime (together) with a seriously fun new — "bounty on criminals in plain sight" — mobilization.


Is that really so outrageous?


Let the whining, supposedly moral, opposition begin.




Dystopia lies in whose perspective one is using.