Cowardly University of Southern California favored genocide and censorship over free speech — on the veiled excuse that potential violence should dismember Liberty

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17 April 2024



Typical United States?


From the LA Times:



When Asna Tabassum learned that USC had barred her from speaking at next month’s graduation, she hadn’t yet planned what she would say in her remarks, beyond that she would convey a message of hope.


University leaders who announced the decision Monday, after pro-Israel groups criticized a link on Tabassum’s Instagram page as evidence of her being antisemitic, didn’t know the theme of her speech because she hadn’t shared it with them, the class valedictorian said an interview with the Times on Tuesday.


In barring Tabassum from giving a three to five minute speech in front of 65,000 people during the May 10 ceremony, USC Provost Andrew T. Guzman cited the need to “maintain campus safety and security.”


The university alluded to unnamed threats but has not publicly detailed them.


The backlash against Tabassum, who was chosen as valedictorian by a university committee from nearly 100 applicants with GPAs of 3.98 or above, was unusual, even at a time of intense campus strife between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel activists, because it didn’t involve anything she said or did.


The opposition appeared to stem mostly from a link on her Instagram profile to a website she did not create.


© 2024 Jaweed Kaleem, USC valedictorian’s grad speech is canceled: ‘The university has betrayed me’, LA Times (16 April 2024)



And so


Once mighty America proceeds meekly along.


Not even tugging a little on its genociding Zionists' leash.


A more contemptibly spineless rejection of Freedom and educational purpose is difficult to imagine.



The moral? — As the United States visibly swirls History's toilet . . .


. . . it continues to embarrass its most admirable principles with each self-inflicted rotation 'round the porcelain bowl.


In the hands of cowards, Liberty and Truth are murdered.


Now, there's some violence to fear.