Contradicting myself — did Trump rioters' Capitol invasion — not come from self-entitled mindset — but instead from democracy-supporting virtue?

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09 January 2021



"You be the judge" . . .


. . . as firearms instructor, Paul Harrell, advises under iffy evidentiary circumstances.



Yesterday . . .


. . . I highlighted personal self-entitlement — demonstrated during the Trump-incited Capitol riot, as well as Black Lives Matter looting "protests" — as partial explanation for why the United States regularly destroys community.



Today, I reverse that self-entitlement point


Today, I characterize both rioting groups' behaviors as legitimately poking our anti-democratic Plutocracy.



Can't have it both ways?


Maybe we can and should.



First point — the "self-entitlement versus not so" issue matters


Democrats' post-Capitol riot response typifies the Plutocracy-sponsored repression that is wrong with the United States.


The Biden camp immediately jumped to Oppression Central as constituting an appropriate response to Capitol Invasion Day.


Not only were Trump's clan of folk delusional and violent — Democrats allege — they were Right Wing terrorists, striking against the heart of this allegedly great democracy.


Blood, Biden's band tells us, is on Right Wing America's hands.


Beware the Nazi Tide!



Uh huh — and maybe not


My yesterday's blurb centered on the visual metaphor presented by Win McNamee's photograph of a Trump supporter happily carrying off Speaker Pelosi's figurative coat of arms (a lectern).


Let's reverse the entitlement logic that I applied to interpreting the picture.


Consider, instead, whether the American Public has a legitimate right to think that it does (and should) own its center of government.



If we find that Government should be ours . . .


. . . then Win McNamee's photograph — of someone carrying off House Speaker Pelosi's lectern — depicts not self-entitlement, but (instead) a righteous exercise of We the People's power to reverse this nation's anti-democratic institutional nature.



"Pete, you closet Nazi — how does this absurd logic of yours go?"


No one with observational skill will deny that the United States is a corporatist-directed and owned state.


Everything that goes on here, does so at the whims of a Plutocratic hierarchy that manifests its will through both the Deep State and its concomitant Military Industrial Complex.


As a result of this essentially fascist agglomeration of self-interested entities, American government acts as Big Capital's — (notice the "a" rather than an "o") — public-repressing arm.


When Democrats and the Lamestream indignantly puffed themselves up against Trump's Capitol rioters — they were saying that Authorities should not tolerate citizens' trespass into Big Capital-owned Congress's inner sanctum.



Think about this


Citizens are denied entry to the Government's allegedly privileged core exactly because forces hostile to humanity — with our Supreme Court's toadying blessing — have illegitimately fenced it off from We the People's influence.


According to the American Establishment — "We the Rabble" can go pound sand, when we seek to express our displeasure at being treated like sheep to be fleeced for those Elites' profit.



Hmm . . .


The resulting response, as expressed at the Capitol on 06 January 2021?



How 'bout the Public pounds "yer" leeching face, rather than sand?


How 'bout that,



So, tell me . . .


Is it self-entitlement to think that allegedly democratic Government should reflect the People's will, rather than blood-sucking Fat Cats' leeching?



Was it self-entitlement, when roughly half the American public suspected that they were cheated out of their choice for president?


Was it Black Lives Matter self-entitlement, when people (emotionally expressively) looted against being vigorously sheared on a daily basis?



I am aware that the two above groups explicit deny each other's right to exist. If they were smarter, they might recognize that they share the same corporatist Big Capital enemy.


(No one ever said that the Rabble were insightfully clever. Gaussian curves of talent distribution argue against the proposition.)



My point today is that


The United States began its monarchy-defying course through History with a violent overthrow of alleged tyrants.


Why should we be any different now?



Add a strategic consideration


Vigorously-acting Trump supporters are a group that any successful anti-plutocratic US revolt against tyranny — violent or not — is going to need to be successful.


The Democratic Party's Wall Street-supporting pantywaists are unsuited to anything but fleece-headed, identity-splitting blather. No Paul Reveres, Tom Paines or George Washingtons in that group of complacently closet oppressionists.


Pertinent to the above observation, American Plutocracy's unending propaganda is exactly focused on keeping the US public split into (stupidly) each-other-fighting factions.


Oligarchy knows full well that democracy mandates that the Public own its government's core. Keeping us from strategically appreciating this key societal point is Parasitic Corporatism's day-to-day mission.



The moral? — Which is it?


Self-entitlement in spuriously justified revolt, as I suggested yesterday?


Or legitimate and righteous purpose, as I indicate today?


You be the judge.