Continual lying tends to trap us into believing nonsense — that 'ain't good for nobody'

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24 January 2023



Consider the current (losing) state of affairs . . .


. . . regarding the West's self-instigated Ukraine War.


Contrary to American neocons' planning, this war has strengthened Russia.


The overall situation today forecasts the self-caused obliteration of the various economic and institutional devices that used to guarantee American dominance.


Talk about shooting oneself in the head.



And now, curiously


Instead of backtracking against our self-initiated Tide of Suicidal Stupidity, the collective West appears to be aggressively aiming at creating an overt NATO versus Russia war.


A war that, I suspect, would ultimately go nuclear.



One wonders what particularly vicious form of pig-headedness . . .


. . . mandates such an undesirable (for most people) outcome.


Military analyst 'Big Serge' points to the following phenomenon as cause:



[G]iven the intense war fever that has built up in the west, it’s possible that political momentum imposes the choice upon us.


It is possible that we have reached the point where the tail wags the dog, that NATO is trapped in its own rhetoric of unequivocal support until Ukraine wins a total victory, and we may yet see Leopard 2A4s [German-made tanks] burning on the steppe.


I am tired of phantasmagorical stories about liquidation of the regime in Russia and even territorial dissolution.


The fall of Putin’s government will not and cannot lead to an acquiescent, western-adjacent regime, because there are no institutions of real power in Russia that are thus disposed.


Power would fall to the security services, because they are Schelling points [which Big Serge previously explains], and that’s where power goes.


© 2023 Big Serge, Russo-Ukrainian War: The World Blood Pump, (20 January 2023)



In other words


We in the West will have initiated the blowing up much of the world — while in pursuit of an unachievable illusion.


A delusion that anyone of ordinary intelligence would have assiduously avoided becoming subject to, barring the oppressive force of their own river of plunder-oriented lies.



The moral? — 'Deadly' sins are so-named for good reason


One might (and probably should) wonder why the West is so religiously blind to genuine moral thinking.


Does cultural Avarice dismember all that is beneficial and good in its path?


Does culturally inbred Greed overwhelm intelligence and reasoned ethical stature?