Contemplate the gall of these people — say Tom Woods and Stephen Karganovic — when writing about the Globalist propaganda machine and the robotic nitwits who control it

© 2024 Peter Free


22 January 2024



Every day . . .


. . . I am struck by the Deep (fascist) State's efforts and proven ability to twist and enslave minds in service of this planet's Fat Cats.


Wakened people cannot help but notice how this uninterruptible torrent of lies is drowning (what might otherwise have been a sensibly thriving) culture.



With respect to this maelstrom of tyrannical idiocy . . .


Tom Woods wrote that:



Just when you think the media can’t get more stupid or contemptible, you get NBC’s Brandy Dadrozny [see here] telling readers today, “Disinformation poses an unprecedented threat to democracy in the United States in 2024, according to researchers, technologists and political scientists.”


It takes your breath away, does it not, the gall of these people?


They do nothing but mislead the public 24 hours a day, and they can pretend somebody else is to blame for “disinformation”?


The US regime lies to the public all the time, and yet the media never condemns it as a purveyor of “disinformation.”


When you and I speak uncomfortable or embarrassing truths, now that’s what these creeps consider “disinformation.”


© 2024 Tom Woods, 15 Lies by the Creeps, (22 January 2024)



Specifically regarding Fascist Wokeism's . . .


. . . government-mandated reversal of easily provable facts, Stephen Karganovic observed that — here in excerpts:



[T]he Canadian government has mandated the installation of tampon dispensers in men’s bathrooms.


“Mother” and “father . . . in the woke-controlled universe have been forcibly replaced by designations “parent no. 1” and “parent no. 2,” . . . .


[T]he Methodist Church of Great Britain . . . label terms “husband” and “wife” offensive.


California has passed a law . . . requiring large retail stores to include gender neutral toy sections or face fines and other punishments. . . .


[I]it is anybody’s guess what the definition of gender neutral toys is and whether there is a market for such items.


In Britain . . .  Isabel Vaughan Spruce . . . so far has been cited by the police three times and taken to court for silently praying in front of abortion clinics.


Readers should note that her arrests were triggered not by speech or conduct but for an “objectionable” activity that was purely mental.


Returning to avant-garde California . . . fifth-grade teacher Ray Shelton was suspended for refusing to acquiesce to male students who “identify” as girls stripping naked in front of female students in the girls’ changing room.


For opposing the transgender agenda in his school Shelton lost his job. It made no difference that female students and their parents fully supported him . . . .


Compulsory denial of the evidence of one’s senses and obligatory surrender to repugnant

nonsense constitutes the initial step in that direction.


That most certainly is not a scheme for the betterment of society.


It is a blueprint for the crushing of the human spirit, leading ultimately to its total subjugation.


© 2024 Stephen Karganovic, The West’s Lunatic Woke Agenda, Global Research (19 January 2024)



Paul Craig Roberts . . .


. . . commenting on Karganovic's observations, concluded that:



No one in the West has any rights except those our woke conquerors approve . . . .


Christians and adherents of Islam are regarded as terrorists against the Satanic order.


If you don’t believe that male humans menstruate and can have babies, you are guilty of placing biological fact higher than woke ideology and are an enemy of the people.


© 2024 Paul Craig Roberts, Sodom and Gomorrah Is Being Imposed on Citizens by Allegedly Representative Governments, (21 January 2024)



The moral? — Globalists' power-seeking will only end . . .


. . . when survivally oriented folks 'zap' — via whatever satisfying mechanisms — the Avarice and fantasy-worshipping power-seekers, who so obviously lack one or both.


This would represent a Darwinian form of species improvement.


Recall that nothing beneficial to ordinary human beings ever occurs in the absence of violence.


It is always necessary to bleed, imprison, hang, dismember and/or (at least) massively discombobulate oppressors.


Perhaps we should turn this Liberty-preserving practice into a ritual. With stone altars, knives and public admission.


Isn't paradox — when applied to implementing practicable societal ethics — confusing fun?