Consider the implications — the United States stole billions from a Russian oligarch — who allegedly violated our self-generated anti-Russia sanctions — and is now giving that seized money to Nazi Ukraine

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10 February 2023



Is American Government a thief — as well as a Nazi-loving charity?


US Attorney General Merrick Garland — and his Deep State handlers — have decided to put another fatal bullet into the United States' former dominance as the planet's foremost financial power:



U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland announced on February 3 that the frozen assets of a Russian oligarch will be transferred to Ukraine.


"Today I am announcing that I have authorized the first-ever transfer of confiscated Russian assets for use in Ukraine," he said.


The assets were seized after the indictment of oligarch Konstantin Malofeyev on sanctions-evasion charges.


Garland said the assets will be transferred to the State Department to be spent "in support of the people of Ukraine."


According to Garland, the confiscated assets will be transferred to the US State Department in the future to be spent "in support of the people of Ukraine."


© 2023 Radio Svoboda, The US Attorney General allowed the first transfer of confiscated Russian funds to Ukraine, (03 February 2023)



Think about the stupidity of this US Government action


The United States has been the world's chief financial power for decades.


Most of that influence was generated by the arguably clever rules for (and manipulations of) the global financial system that the United States put into place after World War 2.


Think, for symbolic instance, the petrodollar.


However now, having instigated the Ukraine War, as a purported way to weaken Russia — we are obliterating this US-favoring financial edifice — by encouraging other nations to abandon their former trust in holding US-controlled dollars and US-located investments.



The message that American Government is currently sending . . .


. . . is:



If y'all foreigners hold dollars where we can get at them, we will steal them at will.


And give them away to visibly Nazi regimes.


Or to whomever else, our viciously silly minds conclude is temporarily and whimsically fashionable.



Would you do business with a bank run this way?


Of course not.


Which is exactly why the majority of the rest of the planet is quickly setting up its own financial systems.



The moral? — We can conclude that American Neocons are insane


But as usual, the people who pay the ultimate depleted wallets price will be the United States' somnolent public.


The rapidity of the United States' suicide is, historically speaking, astonishing.