Consider Ohio's East Palestine toxic materials train wreck — especially in light of Government and Lamestream's suppression of its news

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15 February 2023



Unsubtle censorship of common-sense caution


Recall Ohio's East Palestine train wreck from 12 days ago.


In addition to the release of vinyl chloride reported early on:



The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sent a letter to Norfolk Southern stating that ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, ethylhexyl acrylate and isobutylene were also in the rail cars that were derailed, breached and/or on fire.


© 2023 Jennifer Rodriguez, ‘We basically nuked a town’: 3 more chemicals discovered in Ohio train derailment, WKBN (12 February 2023)



Chemically speaking


For those of us with backgrounds in physical, organic and biochemistry, it more likely than not that this disaster will have some long-term health and environmental consequences.


Yet, no one in American government or media is talking about them. Nor discussing what should be done to ameliorate potential risks.


In short, it is as if this literal and metaphorical train wreck never happened.


Instead, American Government and Lamestream are interminably talking about Chinese balloons. And a surprisingly sudden influx of (almost certainly made-up) UFOs. As well as how terribly dangerous to humanity China and Russia are.


One might come away with the idea that the American Deep State is trying to distract us from its plan to subjugate the planet. Into the abject obedience, which will allow it to continue its ravenous warmongering and egregious profiteering.



Oops, they see us


I was darkly amused to see that China has our duplicitous American leaders accurately pegged:



The aftermath of an Ohio train derailment accident, which released toxic chemicals into the environment, has been haunting residents in the affected area for more than a week, but the accident had barely caught attention of American mainstream media outlets until very recently.


Chinese experts warned that the chemical leak accident, "underestimated by the US," poses a serious safety hazard for Americans living in the affected area, with lingering effects of at least 20 years.


They also believe US authorities' "controlled burn" of the toxic gas could release more lethal substance into the environment, which they said fully exposed US government's irresponsible attitude toward people's health.


The fact that such a catastrophe occurred for more than a week without being extensively reported also reflects toxic trend in US political and media circle, who are too obsessed with creating imaginary enemies, and hyping outside "threats", such as the Chinese balloon, that they pay little attention to their own people's calls.


© 2023 GT staff reporters, 'Serious' Ohio chemical leak being ignored by US govt, media; aftermath could linger for 20 yrs, Global Times (14 February 2022)



Guilty as charged.


Things are arguably bad in the American homeland, when a supposed adversary sees us more clearly than we see ourselves.



Recent history's added perspective


Think back to the United States' miserably unprofessional, unscientific handling of COVID.


Those years should have completely destroyed the credibility of American government and public health.


Yet, no accountability has been extracted. And no lessons have been learned.


We are probably witnessing another example of similarly coordinated, evil-minded incompetence and truth-denial about Ohio's East Palestine mess.



The moral? — Truth-suppression and interminable brainwashing . . .


. . . are the modern US way.


Why anyone would (or should) be reassured by this state of affairs, beats me.