Collective West's emblematic graft — Canada does its best to fit in with NATO's other thieves

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18 April 2023



Blatant stealing makes us proud, does it?


From Jalopnik:



A Volga-Dnepr Airlines Antonov An-124 has been sitting on the tarmac at Toronto Pearson International Airport for over a year. The cargo aircraft delivered COVID-19 test kits from China and landed in Canada on February 27, 2022.


However, Canada’s government closed its airspace to Russian-owned, chartered or operated aircraft on that same day in response to Russia invading Ukraine three days earlier.


After racking over $300,000 in parking fees, the Antonov will finally leave Toronto Pearson soon but will be transferred to Ukraine.


© 2023 Ryan Erik King, Canada to Transfer Stranded Russian-Owned Antonov An-124 to Ukraine, Jalopnik (17 April 2023)



'Twisted' is our Western way?


Let's recap:



The Antonov aircraft had delivered COVID tests from China to Canada


via a Russian company's assistance


during the panicked West's disastrously screwed up portion of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic,


and then


(in evident payback for such demonstrated Eastern Hemisphere good will)


Canada illegally seized the involved aircraft




is now (also unlawfully) giving it away to Nazi Ukraine.



Sure, kids . . .


This sounds fully representative of Western goodwill and decency:



First, we provoke the Ukraine war.


So as to weaken Russia for no legally or morally valid reasons.


Then, we screw with Russia for self-defensively fighting Ukraine's murder and corruption-loving Nazis.


While simultaneously stealing Russian 'stuff'.


All in the name of the West's genuinely Satanic morality.


And now — for good measure — are giving that same stolen aircraft away to those same — US-sponsored coup-elevated — Ukrainian Nazis, who have been killing Russian heritage people in the Donbas region of Ukraine for the last nine years.



If any of this makes moral (or strategic) sense to you . . .


. . . you should arguably be guillotined for the good of humankind.



The moral? — Let's not go pathetically whining to anyone . . .


. . . or especially to any Holy Entity — when actually sane folks begin to poke sharp sticks up our Western butts.


I cannot think of a currently more deserving group of unrepentant, maliciously led Adam Henrys for such definitively 'special' treatment.